Stranger Things season 4: 75,000 fans sign a petition to cancel the death of a character

The multiple milestones of Stranger Things Season 4 have left many fans saddened by the fate of one of their favorite characters. Some have therefore had the idea of ​​​​launching a petition asking the producers to cancel his death.

While the new season of Stranger Things broke new viewing records, fans had the opportunity to discover the last two episodes of the season on July 1. These left a bitter taste to some spectators, since one of the key characters of the season has died. Warning, spoilers.

Played by Joseph Quinn, Eddie was a character fans quickly came to love in the Netflix series’ fourth season. His love of metal and his sharp lines did not go unnoticed, not to mention his guitar solo in the upside down world. Unfortunately, the character eventually died after bravely fighting with the monstersbut that obviously didn’t sit well with many fans.

Fans are calling on producers to resurrect Eddie’s character

Eddie’s massive fan base is now rallying to bring him back by starting a petition on So far, the petition has collected nearly 75,000 signatures, and this figure continues to increase rapidly. She is currently one of the most signed on the site.

In his description, the petition creator states that Eddie was wrongfully killed in season 4, so he kindly asks the Duffer brothers to bring him back. Nevertheless, the producers recently announced that fans will have to grieve because this one won’t be coming back. However, we know that thehe Duffer brothers had already brought Hopper back this seasonwhen he should have died at the end of season 3.

The impressive number of signatures on the petition evidently testifies to the importance of the fan base ofEddie, who ultimately could never clear his name after the murder charges against him. We therefore hope that the Duffer brothers will reconsider this decision, even if we imagine that this will not impact the hearings of the next season 5, which will probably be the last.

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