Stream on Twitch from iPhone with these tips

One of the cheaper options and basic that you can find in terms of tripods is just the one that Amazon itself offers. It is a product that has excellent quality/price and is the ideal option for all those who want to start in this world, but do not want to spend a large amount of money.

It has the enough stability enough to place it in a room and make it the support that holds your iPhone. It has a maximum height of 127 cm, which although it is not much, for the vast majority of occasions in which you do a direct sitting will do. In addition, it has a dynamic rotation in three axes, so you can put the iPhone in the position you need at any time.

Neewer 197cm Camera Tripod for DSLR

Needer 197cm

One of the brands that manufactures high-quality tripods and, in general, accessories for the entire world of video and photography is Neewer. In this case, we want to talk to you about one of the most ideal options for all those users who want to have a professional tripod to use with the iPhone and thus be able to perfectly frame the image that is going to be broadcast to all viewers.

It has a maximum height of 197 cm, with a 360 degree spherical head and 2 central axes, which will allow you to move the iPhone and adjust it to place it in the ideal position. Weight is not a problem, as this alternative is capable of hold up to 8kg. Another point in favor of this tripod is the stability it provides, thanks to its construction.

Neewer 10089347 – Camera Tripod Monopod

Neewer 10089347cm

We continue with options from the Neewer brand, and although the previous one is ideal, for all those users who want to raise the level a bit, we bring this somewhat more expensive alternative, but which has truly incredible features. It has a more solid construction if anything, it provides a perfect stability for all the audiovisual work you want to carry out, either with your iPhone or with a professional camera.

It has an aluminum tube with a 25mm diameterIn addition, the feet of this tripod are non-slip, to ensure that no slipping occurs and the integrity of the device may be endangered. reach one maximum height of 191 cm, and a weight of 12 kg. In addition, this tripod provides a 360-degree panoramic view with a level, so you can always keep the iPhone completely aligned with the surface.

Spotlights to broadcast on Twitch

As we told you, lighting is vital, especially considering that the cameras of the iPhone and any smartphone are quite weak when the light decreases. Therefore, having adequate spotlights that provide you with that lighting so that the image you emit is of good quality is very important.

Elgato Key Light Air – LED Panel

elgato key

Elgato is one of the brands that designs and manufactures the most devices for content creators who broadcast directly, whether on Twitch or other platforms, and this focus is a good example of this, since it has been especially thought for all those streamers who want something minimalist yet effective.

Although its size is not very large, it is a professional focus, it has 1400 lumens providing you with that lighting you need and allowing it to be dimmed so that the brightness it produces is subtle. It allows you to adjust the color temperature, from sunset amber to arctic blue. In short, it is a fantastic alternative to direct on Twitch or any platform.

Neewer Bicolor Dimmable LED Softbox Lighting Kit

Neewer Softbox Lighting Kit

One of the most traditional options that exist to be able to achieve the correct lighting, whether to record a video, make a shooting or simply perform a direct on Twitch, are the Softbox-based lighting kits. In this case, it is Neewer again who provides a really interesting option full of positive points.

This kit includes two softboxes with LED light heads that are fully dimmable 45 watt2 aluminum alloy light stands, 2 power adapters, 2 power cables and the transport bag so that you can move your lighting equipment without any problem.

Neewer Dimmable LED Ring Light Lighting Kit 48 cm

Neewer LED ring light

We go from a Neewer lighting kit to another alternative that this brand provides for all those users who want to illuminate their live show well. These are other of the best known options, the typical ring of light that you have surely seen multiple content creators and that, obviously, is very useful to be able to get a adequate lighting in all your surroundings.

This lighting kit includes the 48cm outer led ringthe 155 centimeter light stand, a soft tube, a set of white and orange color filtersto be able to adjust the temperature of the light, a shoe adapter for the tripod head, the bluetooth receiver, a universal adapter for the eu plug, the support to place your iPhone and the travel bag.

Extreme battery

One of the possible problems that you may encounter when starting to do a long live broadcast with your iPhone is that its autonomy is not enough to last as long as you want to be broadcasting. For this reason, an accessory that will surely come in handy is to have an external battery, and if this can be MagSafe, much better, that is, as long as your iPhone has this technology.

Anker 622 Wireless Magnetic Portable Charger

Anchor 622

This external battery with MagSafe technology is surely the best option of this type that you can find on the market, and it is for many reasons. In the first place, the capacity that it has, 5000mAh, it is ideal to give you that shot of energy that any of the iPhone models may need. Count with one very careful design which also allows you to also be able to place your iPhone vertically on any surface.

The size is perfect so that its use is not a hindrance and you can also transport it easily in any trouser pocket or backpack. In addition, it has a very balanced quality/price ratio, and is available in multiple colors, so you can perfectly combine your MagSafe battery with the different gadgets you use on a daily basis.

Baseus Mobile External Battery 30000 mAh


Let’s go now with one of the most traditional options, that this external battery of the Baseus brand. Aesthetically sure it doesn’t catch your eye, but this battery has a capacity of nothing more and nothing less than 30000mAha real barbarity that will allow you to charge your iPhone repeatedly without any problem.

In addition, it gives you the opportunity to charge up to 3 devices at the same time through the different ports it has, even offering fast charging. It has a built-in smart identification chip to adapt to different devices and thus supply the necessary energy for each one of them, something that is vital to take care of their battery.

Belkin 5K External Battery with Lightning Connector


We ended up with one of the alternatives provided by the reputable Belkin brand. This is a battery that has been conceived, designed and manufactured for Apple devicesin fact, it has a Lightning port, so you have the possibility of charging both your iPhone and this battery with the same cable, being the first battery that has the MFi certification.

In terms of capacity, it has 5000mAh, which is ideal for charging the different iPhone models at least once, although you have the option of also purchasing the 10,000 mAh version. It is available in different finishes, two classic and traditional ones such as black and white, and the color pink, something more daring.

The best combo?

To finish with this compilation of gadgets you need to broadcast live on Twitch from your iPhone, we want to tell you what our personal preferences are, that is, the products that the writing team of La Manzana Mordida liked the most. But beware, they do not have to be the best.

  • Tripod: Neewer 197cm Camera Tripod for DSLR
  • Spotlights: Elgato Key Light Air – LED Panel
  • Extreme battery: Anker 622 Wireless Magnetic Portable Charger

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