Suggestions for artificial intelligence regulation can be submitted until May 13

The Committee of Jurists of the Federal Senate, responsible for debating and elaborating the regulatory framework on the application of artificial intelligence, released the deadline this Monday (4) to receive contributions from society. They can be forwarded to the Senate until May 13.

Four thematic axes are in the commission’s plans:

  • Concepts, understanding and classification of artificial intelligence;
  • Impacts of artificial intelligence;
  • Rights and duties;
  • Accountability, governance and oversight.

Suggestions should be sent to the email or to the Federal Senate Protocol (Senator Alexandre Costa Wing, Room 15, basement).

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The responsible commission was installed on March 30, which will aim to prepare a draft substitute for bills 5.051/2019, by Senator Styvenson Valentim (Podes-RN); 21/2020, by deputy Eduardo Bismarck (PDT-CE); and 872/2021, by Senator Veneziano Vital do Rego (MDB-PB), which are being processed in the National Congress.

The collegiate will have a period of 120 days to complete the work, counted from the date of its installation. During this period, four public hearings and an international seminar are planned to hear experts on the subject.

Commission should seek examples of existing artificial intelligence regulations

The committee of jurists must establish a final text based on bills 21/2020 (already approved in the Chamber of Deputies), 5051/2019 and 872/2021.

The rapporteur, Laura Schertel Mendes, said that the commission should seek inspiration from existing regulations, such as those of the European Union, in social-economic contexts and benefits of artificial intelligence (AI); sustainable development and well-being; innovation; AI research and development (resource funds and public-private partnerships); public security; agriculture; industry; digital services; information Technology; and healthcare robots.

Schertel also detailed that contexts with and without the use of personal data will be taken into account, as well as issues related to data mining. The commission will also deal with ‘unacceptable risks’ linked to the application of technology, the use of the ‘precautionary principle’, in addition to industrial and commercial secrets.

Suggestions for artificial intelligence regulation can be submitted until May 13

Image: Geraldo Magela/Agência Senado

The commission is chaired by the minister of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ), Ricardo Villas Bôas Cueva, and the rapporteur is Professor Laura Schertel Mendes. Members are Ana de Oliveira Frazão, Bruno Ricardo Bioni, Danilo Cesar Maganhoto Doneda, Fabrício da Mota Alves, Miriam Wimmer, Wederson Adlink Siqueira, Claudia Lima Marques, Juliano Souza de Albuquerque Maranhão, Thiago Luís Santos Sombra, Georges Abboud, Frederico Quadros D’ Almeida, Victor Marcel Pinheiro, Estela Aranha, Clara Iglesias Keller, Mariana Giorgetti Valente and Filipe Medon.

With information from Agência Senado and teletime

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