Super Mario Eclipse is a Sunshine mod that you can play today

A giant eclipse

This is not just any mod. It is a patch that modifies, adds, corrects and completely changes the fantastic Super Mario Sunshine from Gamecube, resulting in a fantastic game that you will surely want to try if you have already played the original. And as you can see from its name, with Eclipse they have wanted to return to the original title of Sunshine (brightness of the Sun) to play with that twist and present a new gameplay where it seems that the shadows will have a lot of play.

Super Mario Eclipse is part beta restoration, part improvement, part original modification and all fan service. With dozens and dozens of new missions, fully custom worlds, challenging secret levels, and an interconnected Delfino Island, this is the Super Mario Sunshine experience you’ve always wanted – and more! Isla Delfino hides new secrets waiting to be discovered, and with several playable characters by your side, there is nothing you cannot do. Featuring an all-new expanded story, crazy new tricks, exciting new moves and abilities, and references to your favorite Mario games from the Gamecube era, get ready for the great collaboration from the entire Sunshine modding community that has finally come together to bring you something special. This Super Mario Sunshine mod is sure to outshine the rest!

Beyond new textures and new maps, its creators have been able to include new movements to Mario, now being able to move faster with the help of the water jets or enjoy a boost in the jump. New characters such as Luigi or Mario Sombra have also been included, as well as the incorporation of a large number of new and original levels that will expand the fun options.

Where can it be downloaded?

The game comes in the form of Xdelta patch to be applied on a Super Mario Sunshine ROM. It can be downloaded from the Gamebanana website, although at the moment the result of the patch is nothing more than a demo so that we can see the first results. For the full game we will have to wait more, although there is no set date for its launch.

As far as execution is concerned, the only way to play it is by running the ROM on a Gamecube emulator.

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