Take aim: fill your Steam library with Bundlefest, update these shows, and more

In that case things change ostensibly, so it is most likely that we will have to make a more important financial outlay. But with everything and with it the experience of playing on a Windows PC right now for many is the best. For all this, they prefer to spend a little more money on a computer powerful enough to be able to run smoothly with the latest games.

Take advantage of the Bundlefest to expand your Steam library

For the enormous growth that the PC platform is having when it comes to playing with our favorite titles, stores like Steam are playing a fundamental role. These allow us to acquire digital titles, in addition to managing them, and installing them on our computers immediately. That is why any help to be able to increase the size of our library on this PC gaming platform will be little.

We tell you all this because now you can take advantage of the Bundlefest to expand your personal libraries in Steam with these offers. On the Fanatical website you have the possibility of finding a good number of packs with important offers that you can take advantage of right now. Here are some of the most recent and interesting:

Mochi Bundle: get up to 11 titles from one euro with this pack.

Pumped Up Bundle: this pack includes a total of 8 games for your Steam account, all for 3.09 euros when we would normally pay 120.

Killer Bludle 19: Get up to 9 titles for only 6.89 euros.

Tower Defense Bundle: this pack includes a total of 3 games plus 2 DLC based on tower defense for only 3.99 euros.

Plantinum Collection September: here you can enjoy 3 games for 9.99 or up to 7 for only 19.99 euros

New emojis redesigned for Windows

Microsoft is doing a great job in order to bring us a new OS how it agrees in terms of its interface with the times. We are a few days away from the arrival of the new Windows 11, a system characterized by a much more modern external appearance.

Among the many new elements that are being included here, there is no doubt about the graphic plus it is putting special care in the icons and emojis. As proof of all this is that as the weeks go by, the firm filters new designs in this regard. Precisely below we will leave you the most recent redesigned emojis so that you get an idea of ​​what we are going to find.

Update these programs and take advantage of their new features

We have already told you on many occasions the importance of keeping all our software updated. This will allow us to have the latest features released by their developers, as well as to maintain our safe equipment.

And it is not enough to keep the operating system up to date, be it Windows or Linux, but all the programs that we use in them should also be running in their latest version. That is why below we will leave you some of the most recent updates that you can install.

XnView 2.50.2 – Powerful photo viewer that is updated with new features for the latest formats.

ShotCut 09.21.20: make the most of this video editor and everything it offers us.

SnagIt 2021.4.4: when it comes to capturing screen in a more advanced way in Windows, it is interesting to have programs like this one.

Chrome 94: it is not necessary to talk about the most used internet browser in the world that we should update as soon as possible.

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