Technology experts, those who make the most of the expansion of Artificial Intelligence

The growth and expansion of Artificial Intelligence in the companyand the increase in its use cases is especially benefiting professionals who are experts in technology. That is, not only those who use their potential to optimize their work. Also those who are in charge of developing the AI ​​itself and making it grow. This is because it enables them to develop applications faster, automate their operations and ensure their quality, improve the network, and eliminate the work of manual tasks. This is indicated by a study on the adoption of Artificial Intelligence worldwide in 2022 carried out by the Watson Group of IBM.

The survey on which the study was based was carried out among more than 7,500 managers and professionals from around the world, and revealed that 35% of companies use Artificial Intelligence in their business, 4% more than the year past. Another 42% are considering the possibility of deploying it. In the meantime, it is being applied to turnkey solutions, such as virtual assistants, as well as being integrated into ongoing business operations.

Close to half of the companies surveyed see advantages in using Artificial Intelligence to automate IT or network or business processes. These include cost savings and increased efficiency (54%), improvements in IT or network performance (53%), and a better experience for customers (48%).

Another 30% of IT professionals surveyed say their company’s employees save time by using new AI automation tools and software. Especially in areas such as technology, where there is often a skills shortage. So Artificial Intelligence is helping organizations address those gaps. For example, by automating tasks for workers with certain skills so they can focus on other tasks, or by using AI-assisted learning.

The greatest penetration of AI in the company is occurring in areas such as operations, threat detection and security, and automation of business processes. A third of companies already use Artificial Intelligence to automate their technology processes (AIOps), which helps maintain application performance while increasing efficiency in resource allocation.

The companies where AI is used the most to improve efficiency in technological operations (ITOps) are the large ones: it is done in 54% of them. In the smallest, it is only done in 40% of cases. As for the main use cases for AI in companies, they are the following: automation of IT operations, IT itself or software asset management (32%), active monitoring (29%), automation of the customer service experience (28%), automation of business workflows (27%), real-time inventory management (26%), 5G services (25%), and efficiency and resiliency of the supply chain (24%).

As with other technologies, the adoption of Artificial Intelligence also faces difficulties and complications. These include limited AI skills, experience, or knowledge (34%), high prices (295%), lack of tools or platforms to develop models (25%), excessive project complications, or difficulty integrating and scaling (24 ), and excessive data complexity (24%).

The transparency regarding the use of Artificial Intelligence is an additional cause for concern. Four out of five of the directors who have participated In the survey they indicate that being able to explain how you have taken your Artificial Intelligence is important for your business. The actions that IT professionals are currently taking with respect to it include data privacy protection, with the aim of ensuring that it is responsible and can be trusted. Most IT professionals say their business pulls information from more than 20 different data sources to feed its AI, business intelligence, and analytics systems.

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