Telefónica announces an open and free program for developers

The possibility of operating in a real environment. This is the great objective of the new program that Telefónica has presented and has been picked up by Europa Press, in which developers from all over the world can have access to an open program with a wide repository of APIs.

It is a free program, with which these professionals can develop real use cases on the company’s network services. And that exposes the very capabilities of the telecommunications network in an interoperable and programmable way through said APIs, open and standardized.

This allows developers a great opportunity to innovate with new features and applications. And for these APIs to reach them, the telecommunications giant has created its own EAP or Early Adopters Program along with its partners, blue-chip companies like Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Vonage / Ericsson and Microsoft Azure.

This project, announced at the last Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (MWC23) and which receives the name of GSMA Open Gateway, is an alliance of 21 world telcos whose purpose is to transform telecommunications networks into platforms prepared for the future. “It will benefit the developers themselves, the companies, the end users and, ultimately, the entire digital ecosystem and society as a whole,” they say from Telefónica.

All the brs of the program and Telefónica’s value proposition in the context of Open Gateway are available on the new website From which digital service developers can exclusively access a new generation of telco services through open, interoperable APIs and in a real environment.

“These standardized APIs help democratize access to innovation capabilities in the network, with a single line of code, which allow reducing development times and achieving greater scale by making the same API call serve the entire network. created by the telecommunications sector (…) an infinite world of possibilities opens up”.

And it is that, among the advantages are better experiences during games and concerts in stadiums, as well as better experiences in online games, autonomous drone control, safer financial services or telesurgery with XR, among others. Definitely, new experiences in areas with great potential such as connectivity optimizationcommunications, security in financial services, as well as privacy and security in general.

free registration

Enrollment in this program is free. where carriers open access to their telco capabilities to developerscloud service providers and enterprises in general through these interoperable network APIs.

Initially, Telefónica will carry out a selection of service developers to start creating, defining and testing new real use cases with network and telco APIs, exclusively and free of charge. Both small and large developers that develop commercial services, startups, application providers, companies that develop services for internal consumption or innovation areas, among others.

He program consists of four phases: evaluation and selection, exploration -giving access to the telco APIs repository for free-, integration to develop real use cases on Telefónica’s network services, and impact to reach millions of real users.

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