Tesla and Dacia dominate electric car sales in Q1 2022

The Automotive Platform has just published its quarterly report on the French automotive sector. The opportunity for the organization to take stock of sales of electric cars in France. Unsurprisingly, the Tesla Model 3 remains number 1, followed by the Dacia Sandero.

tesla model 3
Credits: Tesla

The Automotive Platform, an organization that brings together the French automotive industry, has just published its quarterly report on the French market. The PFA regularly publishes studies on the country’s automobile, with the help of many manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, subcontractors and mobility players.

What does this new report tell us? In the first place, car sales in the first quarter of 2022 amount to 365,360 units. This represents a drop of 17.3% compared to the figures recorded in 2021. The month of March 2022 is also marked by a historically low level of sales, with only 147,079 registrations.

According to the Automotive Platform, shortages of electronic components and the uncertain economic context directly linked to the war in Ukraine are the main causes of this decline. “The list of sales to individuals, with the Dacia Sandero and the Tesla Model 3 on the podium, also illustrates the popularization of the market between models that respond to a problem of purchasing power and those that rely on technological content at lower prices. much higher”, provides the PFA.

electric car sales
Credits: PFA

The Tesla Model 3 remains at the top of electric car sales

Another new fact, electric cars have 11.9% market share, almost as much as diesel with 14%, its lowest level for several years. Let us now go into detail. Unsurprisingly, the Tesla Model 3 remains the best-selling electric car in France during this 1st quarter of 2022, with 6,636 copies sold, or 1.8% market share. A fine performance, which could however not be repeated over the next quarter.

Indeed, Tesla recently increased the price of the Model 3 in France, up to 6000 €. Results, the French can no longer benefit from the maximum ecological bonus since the entry into force of these new tariffs. What may slow down some future buyers. Regarding the rest of the podium, we find the Dacia Spring on the second step with 4953 registrationsfollowed by the Peugeot e208 with 3808 copies sold at the start of 2022.

Source: Automotive Platform (PFA)

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