The Association of Industrial Estates of Madrid is constituted to defend these areas

A group of Madrid businessmen have formed the Association of Industrial Estates of Madrid, with the aim of representing the industrial estates of the Community and addressing the problems and needs that affect them.

After numerous meetings between presidents and representatives of different industrial estates, the association was born in response to the need to defend the common interests of these spaces in the Madrid community, as well as the companies located in them.

Among the main challenges they are currently facing are the cleaning, lighting and water supply problems; the lack of connectivity; infrastructure problems; poor and scarce public transport or lack of security.

In addition, from the association they propose the creation of working groups with the councilors responsible for industry, environment and urban planning in order to deal with problems and offer solutions.

The provisional board of directors of the new association is composed of:

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  • President: Mrs. Esther Alía Mayorga, representing the PI Los Llanos
  • Vice President: Mr. Carlos Barrocal on behalf of IP Los Linares
  • Member: Mr. Luis Pedro Mateo Ramiro, on behalf of the PI Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes
  • Secretary: Mrs. Laura Rodríguez Sánchez, representing the PI El Soto – Varosa

From the moment of its constitution, the Association of Industrial Estates of Madrid has been working on its role as representative and manager before the public and private administrationto coordinate and defend the professional interests of the associated industrial estates, with the aim of guaranteeing their prosperity and sustainability.

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