The Attack of the Giants: let’s enter the Reconnaissance Army by creating our AoT themed avatar

If your fearless and adventurous spirit has always made you admire the members ofReconnaissance Army de The attack of the Giants, then it is your (but also ours) time to join the army corps of Paradis most involved in the battles against the Giants.

Thanks to a small online application, reachable at this address, it will be possible to create your own Attack on Titan-themed avatar to use as a profile image for social media accounts or simply to see “the effect it does”.

We all become members of the Attack of the Giants Reconnaissance Army

Although the site is in Japanese, in a few simple and intuitive clicks you reach the section where, as a common RPG editor, you can choose the shape of the face, eyes, hair, expressions, backgrounds and various accessories following the style of the manga designed by Hajime Isayama.

It is even possible to make the now conical greeting with the fist on the heart present a potato in your hands, in honor of Sasha, our unforgettable “Potato girl”.

What is the Attack on Titan Scout Army?

The Reconnaissance Army or Research Body (Survey Corps) is the division of the Eldian Army in charge of the exploration outside the Walls and which engages, more than any other body, the first person fights against the Giants

It is made up of the best members of the entire army and is considered humanity’s only hope of regaining freedom from the threat of giants in the future.

The Reconnaissance Army is the body of the army that pays the highest price in terms of human lives since, after the fall of the Wall Maria, its main objective is that of the reconquest of the Shiganshina District first and then the attack on Marley’s oppressive army.

All the most beloved protagonists of the Attack of the Giants manga belong to the research body, first of all Eren, Mikasa and Armin.

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