The autumn sales are here: Windows 10 for €12, Microsoft Office for €23… valid for life!

We are already in autumn and that deserves a discount like the one we offer you below, courtesy of, one of the most popular original key stores on the Internet thanks to which you can get your license right now Windows 10 for only 12.5 euros. Of course, do not think about it too much because they fly.

Take it as an opportunity to save on this return to school marked by inflation, because not everything has gone up these days. This promotion, in fact, brings you the best Microsoft software at prices that you will rarely see and with 100% original licenses valid for life of products that, bought directly from their distributor, would cost you much more.

Do not stay with what you have seen either, because in you will find different versions of the software at different prices, even packages with both products included, all with some discounts of 90% with respect to its price in the Microsoft store, but with the same guarantees of validity as if you purchased them there. Simply choose the products that interest you from the following list and reserve them as soon as possible:

30% discount with the coupon “MUY”!

As you can see, just for being an MC reader you have an additional 30% discount on the store price of all licenses. To do this you have to redeem the “MUY” coupon before completing the purchase process and the price of the product you have chosen will be the same as that on the list. You will see it reflected before paying, so there is no chance of making a mistake.

By steps:

  1. Enter the store and register, making sure to enter the data correctly.
  2. Add the product or products that interest you to the shopping cart.
  3. Enter the mentioned coupon of “MUY” (without the quotes) in the “promotion code” field.

You can see the result in the following image:

When you have completed the purchase process and made the payment, you will immediately receive the key of the product you purchased both in the email address with which you registered, and in your customer section within the store itself.

Now you can use it to activate Windows or Microsoft Office… or save it for later, for example when you buy a new computer, since the license does not expire: it is valid for life and you can spend it whenever you want, now or in the future .

In any case, in case you need it, we will explain…

The most common case is usually to activate Windows, so let’s get to it. It’s really simple. If you want to do it during the system installation process, the wizard itself will tell you when to enter the password (it’s almost at the beginning).

If you prefer to do it with the system already installed, it is equally simple: type in the menu search engine “activate Windows” (without the quotes) and choose the first result, “see if Windows is activated”. On the screen that opens you will see a link that says “Change product key”. Enter the key there and you will have activated Windows.

How to activate Windows

Now also, in addition to the offers on Windows 10, Windows 11 and Microsoft Office licenses, we have some special offers with a 15% discount if you use the coupon “MUY15” (again, without the quotes). If you want to update your keyboard and or your headphones, these are the proposals:

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