The best books to learn and get started with Arduino

They say that there is nothing better than experimenting to learn, especially if something technical. That is why we have decided to recommend the best books to learn Arduino. In case you have been bitten by the bug seeing the projects that can be done with it or you simply want to start electronics by creating your own projects. What better to have a good guide that facilitates the way.

Arduino is nothing more than a microcontroller, and these have been with us for a long time. However, for years it has become a revolution in the world of electronicsgo for its ease of use, its extensive documentation and above all their community. Of course, nobody is born knowing and a period of learning is important. In this case, having the ideal sources is very relevant, since it will not only allow us to take full advantage of it, but it will also give us situations that we did not think possible.

However, we consider that the classic computer science books are not at all motivating and do not allow us to take full advantage of them. The problem is that they are too formal. That is why we have decided opt for a series of books that are focused on the youngest. And even if you are an adult already advanced in years, you should keep in mind that They are designed for people with no prior knowledge. At the same time, our selection is designed for you to learn the basic elements of electronics, key in this type of project. These books, in addition, will allow you to advance in knowledge while you are self-taught. So you will not stay only in the learning period.

Books to learn with Arduino

Our first recommendation within the books to learn Arduino is: Introduction to Arduino, written by Massimo Banzi and Michael Siloh. Both authors are the director of the Arduino project and its pedagogical director, respectively. That is, it is the official Arduino guide. Well, almost, but it is written so that even children can learn Arduino just by having an Arduino board connected to the computer.

As a complementary book we recommend another one from the Make: Magazine publishing house translated into Spanish. In this case, its authors are Jody Culkin and Eric Hagan. Your title? Learn Electronics with Arduino: A BEGINNERS’ ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO PHYSICAL COMPUTING. The reason why we recommend it in combination with the previous one is simple. It touches on basic elements of electronics in the form of simple projects that will help you learn while you build your projects.

Arduino boards

To finish, we cannot forget that Arduino would not be the same without the projects that we can do. So you will want to do your projects. The problem is that many times it is better that they guide us as we learn. So the third book to learn Arduino that we recommend is: 100 Robotics Projects with Bitbloq and Arduino by Ernesto Martinez de Carvajal Hedrich. A complete manual fully illustrated in full color that will allow you to advance your knowledge by doing all kinds of projects.

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