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We finish one more week with a new review of the best content of the week that we have published in MuyComputer, a true classic where you will find the most relevant articles of the last seven days just one click away. As always, we take the opportunity to wish you encouragement with the week.

Graphic cardBuy a graphics card or wait, what should I do? We are probably living through one of the most confusing times when it comes to the graphics card market, which has many people wondering whether to buy or wait and, in the first case, which are the best options today. Here we explain everything and help you choose the GPU that best suits your needs.

Steam How to make Steam recognize your installed games. There are certain circumstances that can cause Steam not to recognize the games you have installed on your PC, even though they are on it. But don’t worry, if this happens to you, here we will tell you the possible causes of it, as well as the steps you must follow to solve it.

cover stuff kill ssdFive things that can “kill” your SSD prematurely and that you should avoid. SSDs have brought about a dramatic change in terms of read and write speeds compared to traditional hard drives. However, improper use of them can substantially reduce their life span. Avoid what we tell you in this article to be able to enjoy it for a long time.

GIGABYTE B760 AORUS ELITE AXGIGABYTE B760 AORUS ELITE AX, review: high-performance mid-range. The mid-range is, as a general rule, the option chosen by the majority of users, and it can also stand out in terms of benefits. So, if you are looking for a motherboard based on the B760 chipset for Intel, this review will probably help you decide.

Raja Koduri and his adventure at Intel, an in-depth look. This week the news broke that, after some very difficult months, Raja Koduri was leaving Intel after six years as head of the company’s graphics division. We review his story in it and analyze it to try to understand the reasons that have led to this ending.

cyberpunk 2077Path tracing will arrive in Cyberpunk 2077 on April 11, how is it different from ray tracing? Cyberpunk 2077 has become a reference in terms of adopting new technologies to improve graphics. Next month it will take a new leap in this regard, with the adoption of path tracing in the new RT Overdrive mode. We explain what it consists of and what improvements it brings.

Lenovo Legion Slim and LOQ, creation and gaming Lenovo Legion Slim and LOQ, creation and gaming. Lenovo renews its Legion Slim and, at the same time, presents the new LOQ brand, thus expanding its offer for gamers and content creators, both desktop and laptop systems. We review the five new families that will hit the market in the coming months of this year.

It's official, Valve confirms Counter Strike 2It’s official, Valve confirms Counter-Strike 2. The wait is over, after years of waiting and months of rumors, Valve has confirmed that the successor to CS:GO is not only in development, but very close. The company is still withholding some important information, but here we tell you everything it has revealed and, if you are a Global Offensive player, very good news awaits you.

Steam Deck 10 Triple-A Titles You Can Play On The Steam Deck And 2 Bonus Tips. What games can be run on the Steam Deck? Although it may not seem like it, almost anyone. Valve’s console/mini-PC is a lot more capable than it might appear from its form factor and use of an AMD APU, but there are a number of factors that play into this. We highlight some of them and give you a couple of important tips.

Banshees by Inisherin News VOD 12/23: ‘Inisherin’s Banshee’, the unbearable gravity of being. We review, one more week, all the titles that are added to the main streaming platforms in Spain. These seven days the menu includes from one of the favorites of the Oscars 2023 to Smile, a film that will make you never see smiles the same way again.

Free games and offers: Chess Ultra, World of Warships, SLUDGE LIFE, Neurodeck... Free games and offers: Chess Ultra, World of Warships, SLUDGE LIFE, Neurodeck… This is an interesting week, with several free games, a pack for one of the most popular free to play games, many offers to get all kinds of games for the best price… If you’re a gamer, don’t miss out on reading a single word of this article, you will appreciate it.

basic graphics cards Five Reasons Why It’s Not Worth Buying Basic Graphics Cards. If you’re thinking of getting an entry-level graphics card, chances are you’re about to throw money away. And what is input range? We clarify this concept once and for all and, below, we explain the reasons why you should rethink your choice.

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