with this offer, the gaming smartphone is an excellent gift idea for Christmas

The Realme GT Master Edition is a mid-range smartphone that stands out with ultra-fast charging and gaming-oriented performance. There is no doubt that it will be present en masse under the tree for Christmas, choose this model immediately with this discount on AliExpress.

The Realme GT Master Edition is presented as a slightly lighter version of the GT unveiled a little earlier by the brand. This model, made official in August 2021, offers an excellent compromise on the market, it has a beautiful screen and an extremely fast recharge. We also appreciate its GT mode which increases the overall performance of the device, which is very useful for mobile games. With a design as eccentric as it is aesthetic, it is illustrated among the best smartphones under 400 euros.

For the Christmas holidays, AliExpress has decided to lower the price of the smartphone: the Realme GT Master Edition is displayed at 329 euros instead of 349 euros with the code FRTOP20. If it was already hard to find even without a discount, this offer makes it even more appealing. If your phone gave up on you recently or you want to give a nice gift to a loved one, this model does the job perfectly.

To discover the offer on the Realme GT Master Edition, it’s here:

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AliExpress provides delivery of the Realme GT Master Edition within five days of ordering. The calculation is simple, you necessarily receive the smartphone before the Christmas holidays, it arrives on December 20 if you order on Monday. In addition, the withdrawal period is 20 days on the smartphone, you can even pay yourself the luxury of returning the order after Christmas Eve if the phone has not convinced the recipient of the gift. Note that this model comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Realme GT Master Edition, a perfect compromise

If the Realme GT Master Edition is presented as the little brother of the standard version of the range, it does not skimp on quality either. The brand has managed to find an excellent compromise between its technical performance and its price, the result is convincing on many points. Its value for money is unbeatable, it will appeal to all fans of mobile games or those who want a phone that runs smoothly on a daily basis without bugs or latency.

In terms of its technical characteristics, the Realme GT Master Edition is entitled to a screen ofe 6.43 inch Full HD + with a definition of 1080 x 2400 pixels. To put it simply, the slab is effective for mobile games, online browsing, video or light office automation. Overall, it is entitled to a fairly sober design, if not its rather particular back for the version Explore Gray. The latter is covered with vegan leather with lines on the surface, it is a differentiating aesthetic, you can choose according to your preferences thanks to the different colors still available at AliExpress.

One of the major qualities of the Realme GT Master Edition is the battery 4300 mAh and its 65 W “SuperDART” charger. Its autonomy lasts up to a day and a half with conventional use while it recovers the entire charge in less than 25 minutes. In just 10 minutes, you enjoy 50% of the charge. Suffice to say that we know few (if any) smartphones capable of doing so well – even the most premium models.

Finally, the Realme GT Master Edition has a processor Snapdragon 778G. This one is oriented towards gaming in order to allow users to play their favorite mobile games. The GT mode to be activated from the settings optimizes the general performance of the chip for a smooth daily experience. This model is balanced and complete for its category, the current price drop at AliExpress makes it even more competitive, act before the arrival of stockouts.

To take advantage of the offer on the Realme GT Master Edition, it’s here:

I take the offer

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