The best way to edit photos without Photoshop and for free

Adobe Photoshop has been, is, and will be for many years an industry standard when it comes to editing and image and graphic design. However, one of its main points against it is its price, an exorbitant monthly price for many users. Therefore, in this post, we are going to talk about one of the free photo editing software that has similar performance to Photoshop: Photopea.

Photopea Features and Tools

The first thing that comes to mind when we see the photopea interface, is that it offers an intuitive and familiar interface, similar to that of Photoshop. This makes it easier for experienced Photoshop users to transition to Photopea, as the learning curve is very fast relative to other alternatives, such as Affinity Photo. Another of its characteristics is the file Compatibility,Due to the fact that, this free software includes a wide variety of file formats, including PSD (Photoshop), AI (Illustrator), Sketch, XCF (GIMP), CDR (CorelDRAW) and many others.


In third place, editing tools, Photopea offers a wide range of editing tools, including selection, cropping, fill, gradient, brush, eraser, text, shapes, and many more. It also has advanced tools such as layers, masks, color adjustments, and filters. True, it may not include all of Photoshop’s tools, but they are sufficient for most users.


It also offers the possibility of layer supportso you can organize, edit elements of your image, add adjustment layers, masks and layer styles, as well as group and organize layers in folders. Continuing with its characteristics, the option of filters and effects, that is, the possibility of a large number of effects such as blur, sharpen, noise, distortions and color adjustments. These filters can be applied to individual layers or the entire image. Finally, the iAdobe Fonts integration, Photopea also features Adobe Font integration, allowing users to access a vast library of high-quality fonts to use in their projects, allowing you to avoid the famous lorem ipsum that can cause delays in your projects.

Is it a real alternative to photoshop?

It is true that Photopea is a free alternative to consider, but if you are looking for professional use, Photopea does not completely replace everything that the Adobe Suite offers. Between his limitations, the aforementioned software does not include tools such as 3D editing tools or the ability to create animations and videos. Also, in the event that you have many layers open, it is possible that small performance drops may occur, an aspect that, with Photoshop, they do not comply. Also, the entire process is done online, so if the connection fails, you won’t be able to work with the same fluidity as a desktop application such as Photoshop.


Lastly, the updates of all Photoshop devices are constant, with this and Adobe XD being the applications that receive the most resources. On the other hand, Photopea receives updates less frequently.

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