The chip shortage is getting worse so if you want to buy any Apple device, don’t wait

If you follow the news about technology devices a bit, especially those from Apple, you will know that there is a worldwide shortage of chips. An important issue that has even led the President of the United States, before Trump and now Biden, to take action on the matter. The drought affects all companies in any sector. Apple is not one of the ones that is suffering the most, but it also takes its toll and that is why if you want to buy a device, do not wait for the next generation to come out because you can get a bad surprise.

The chip production shortage is getting worse all over the world. Companies like Samsung or Apple are the ones that are suffering the least. Especially now Apple with its new Apple Silicon, since the production is very specific. But for screens, mobiles or iPad, there are also other types of chips that are necessary and that are in short supply on the market. In the best of cases, the price can go up a lot and we will continue to have the devices at very high prices. At worst, there will be no stock.

Rumors always speak of the possibility of seeing this or another device in 2022. The truth, it seems, that apart from Marketing and business strategies, the shortage of chis is causing new devices not to arrive as soon as they would like. Susquehanna Financial Group said that chip wait times increased from 9-12 weeks to 19 weeks in the summer, increasing to 22 weeks in October. In some cases, like power management components, it’s 25 weeks on average, while microcontrollers used by the automotive industry can take up to 38 weeks to arrive.

Apple, in the last communication from Apple to give the financial accounts, it was warned that the problems in “inherited nodes”, that is, modems and power regulators, are the main point of competition for the company. There is a real shortage problem in this field.

Chipmakers like Apple’s partner TSMC have announced plans to invest heavily in facilities to improve production, but costly efforts it could take years to be not only operational, but also to do enough to facilitate supplies.

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