The daily (and free) podcast of La Manzana Mordida is back

How will this new season be

In this new stage of the podcast there will be news that, we think, you may like. Starting with the driver, who will be this humble servant who writes to you (Álvaro García). All this in an episode in which you can meet all the news from the Apple world in less than 5 minutes. A new format with which we hope not to steal too much time from you and yet you can follow all the ins and outs of the apple company.

But that’s not all, since you can also take recommendations, tips or tricks to get the most out of your Apple devices. In addition to that we do not rule out making a special episode focused on recommending applications, games and even optimizing your equipment. Ah! And of course every Friday you can keep up to date with the Apple TV news + as it had been tradition last season.

Hours and where to listen to the podcast

In this new stage we will broadcast a podcast again Monday to Friday. No cheating and no conditions. If you have followed us during the last season you will have verified that there were several changes throughout the year, but this time we have everything planned so that each day at 7 a.m (Spanish time) you can already listen to a new episode.

In what nothing changes is in the way you have to listen to us, since we are practically in all podcast platforms (Apple Podcast, Spotify, Spreaker, Google Podcast, Overcast, Pocketcast…). Therefore you have no excuse not to be informed, since you use the app you use you will be able to tune in.

You can listen to the episode with which we announce all the news through the following link:

Any extras to this daily podcast?

At La Manzana Mordida we offer a ton of free content. From the news and reports published on this page daily without rest, to our YouTube channel with several videos per week and through the aforementioned daily podcast. Now, if you still fall short, you can join the VIP community of La Manzana Mordida.

For 5 euros per month you can enjoy a weekly podcast lasting at least one hour with intense debates on current affairs in the Apple world with Fernando del Moral, David Hebrero and Fabián Fernández. In addition to being able to join the community of VIP subscribers on Discord to chat about the entire environment of the apple company.

And if this seems little to you, we also have Final Cut, LumaFusion and other courses that will arrive in the coming months in relation to making the most of the most popular applications and your equipment. And all this included in the same price.

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