The electric car kit exists, but it does not come from IKEA

The electric cart market is about to welcome a new contender: the Luvly O. This small city car, produced by the Swedish brand Luvly, stands out for its atypical design. Like IKEA furniture, it will be distributed as a kit.

luvly o cart
Credits: Luvly

Since the successful launch of the Citroën AMI, many manufacturers are in turn trying to enter the buoyant market electric carts without a license.

There are countless new contenders for the throne, between Renault’s Mobilize Duo, the Kate K1 which is due to land in 2023 or the Eli Zero manufactured by the American company Eli Electric Vehicles.

Well, we have just learned that a new competitor is about to land on this already busy market: the Luvly O. This electric cart is manufactured by the Swedish company Luvly, a contraction of LUV (Light Urban Vehicle) and Lovely (adorable in English). The idea with the Luvly O is to offer a compact car for urban use.

luvly o cart
Credits: Luvly

The Luvly O, featherweight and high performance

Surprisingly, the Luvly O is not really positioned in the same segment as that of the Citroën Ami, as evidenced by its measurements: 2.70 m long and 1.53 m wide (against 1.39 m for the small French). In addition, the space in the cabin is quite comfortable with a height of 1.44 m. The trunk offers an appreciable volume of 267 liters.

On the scale, the Luvly O only weighs 380 kg thanks to a body made of composite materials. With this light weight, its energy consumption is fatally reduced, of the order of 6kWh/100km. Result, the manufacturer promises a theoretical autonomy of 100 km (against 70 km for the AMI). Rather honest for a car without a license.

Thanks to this reduced consumption, the Luvly O can rely on a smaller battery of 6.4kWh. The brand also specifies that it is made up of two distinct units, 15 kg each. Even better, they are removable. This has a considerable impact on the practical side of recharging, since it will be possible in the absence of a terminal at the home of recover the battery to recharge it at home on a simple socket. Regarding performance, the manufacturer promises a top speed of 90 km/hwhich remains well above the AMI and its 45 km/h.

luvly o cart
Credits: Luvly

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A kit design inspired by IKEA

But where the Luvly really stands out is of course its design. Like the Swedish reference IKEA, the cart will be offered as a kit! Indeed, rather than assembling the car in one and the same factory, the brand will offer the different elements of the Luvly O in kit form.

After obtaining a license, manufacturers and retailers will be able to recover the parts of the Luvly O before manufacturing it in micro-factories, then selling it on their respective markets.

This kit design will also eventually make it possible to offer the golf cart in different configurations (Sports, utility or tricycle models are already mentioned). This “flat” shipping method allows a single container to house the parts necessary for the manufacture of about twenty cars.

luvly o cart
Credits: Luvly

Luvly’s patented innovations in flat packaging significantly reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing, transportation and assembly. Virtually all parts of Luvly vehicles are recyclable and most can be made from renewable materials.” ensures the Swedish company.

Now let’s come to the question of price. For the moment, Luvly announces a price below the €10,000 mark, which is still more expensive than an AMI but more affordable than an Aixam or a Ligier Myli. For now, the Luvly O is still in development and no release date has been set.

Source : Electrek

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