The Evolution of Assistance: AI Writing vs. Conventional Assignment Help

Achieving Academic Excellence: Assignment Writing Services or Chat GPT?

Student life is boggled with responsibilities. You’ll catch yourself trying to maintain balance while dealing with studying, work, and your social life. It takes work. Many find themselves exhausted, burnt out, or stressed out. You find yourself wanting a helping hand. 

Succeeding in school means accepting help and guidance when you need it. That’s why students use an assignment writing service or GPT Chat to help them boost their academic progress. You can hire an expert or use AI writing to achieve academic excellence. 

To sum it up, assignment writing services like Essay Pro provide writing services done by qualified experts. You can read Essay Pro reviews to grasp better what it can offer you as a customer. 

On the other hand, Chat GPT is an AI language model, which we’ll cover in more detail in the next point. We’re going to help you find out which is the optimal choice to help you in your academic journey. 

GPT Chat: Benefits and Drawbacks

What is Chat GPT? It’s an AI-powered platform that helps answer your questions or perform your requests through a chat box. You send a chat message with your prompt, and the AI language model will reply with the answer. 


GPT Chat is popular amongst students because it’s free. It also has an easy-to-use platform because it’s in the design of a chat box. Its intuitive design makes it accessible to many people. It can also give responses in a second, making it efficient and fast. 


Chat GPT is fast but sacrifices quality, originality, and creativity. It generates content that refers back to its database. It needs more depth and creativity of human-written content. Content from Chat GPT is also easily detectable on plagiarism detection tools.

You’ll be at risk by using its content without rewriting it completely. The writing it generates is also typically of low quality. Chat GPT will also not be able to fact-check what it generates. It also occasionally generates made-up and false information.

Ultimately, Chat GPT can handle simple tasks but wouldn’t be able to handle complex writing tasks that need deep research and well-thought-out organization. 

On the other hand, an assignment writing service like Essay Pro can handle any complex assignment you need to be done. How do these services compare to OpenAI’s Chat GPT? Let’s dive into that in our next point. 

Assignment Writing Services: Benefits and Drawbacks

ChatGPT has its limits, but an essaypro service can go beyond these limits. An assignment writing service can provide you with customizable writing options. This means you can order any assignment, regardless of the difficulty and the requirements. 


You won’t need to worry about receiving plagiarized content since good writing services like Essay Pro know the importance of submitting original work. Plagiarism is a severe offense in academic institutions. These services never produce plagiarized work and offer you a plagiarism report to prove the content’s authenticity. 

Assignment writing services will always keep your information private and secure. You have complete confidentiality when using these platforms. You can also benefit from diverse services, so it doesn’t matter if you need help with an assignment or a research paper.

AI writing can’t compare to the depth, creativity, and complexity of human writing. A qualified expert will also have a deeper and better understanding of your topic.


Assignment help platforms can’t give you instantaneous content, but they work on your assignment from start to finish. You can also request tasks that must be submitted in as short as 6 hours. 

You’ll need to review the work you receive, but all experts edit and proofread your work before handing it in. Assignment services aren’t for free, but this is because you’re being provided with high-quality professional help. 


Many assignment help services have been operating for many years in their industry. They are experts in the field of providing academic writing help. Of course, many students rely on them. OpenAI’s Chat GPT has only been around for a year. It can only perform tasks differently since it cannot produce high-quality and accurate work. 

You are limited to 4096 characters when using Chat GPT but have unlimited words with assignment services like Essay Pro. You should also know that students have been expelled from some universities because they used Chat GPT and were found out. 

This assignment help service has built a strong reputation over the years, while Chat GPT, in its relatively short time, is still evolving to meet academic standards.


Ultimately, an assignment writing service is the better option if you want to excel in your academic life. 

AI writing, like that provided by Chat GPT, can only generate content. The content it produces is typically low-quality and needs to be rewritten entirely before it can be used since AI detection tools can spot it. 

EssayPro provides experts who will take care of the whole task. You won’t need to lift a finger. The writing will always be high-quality, the content will be relevant and well-developed, and an expert will handle everything from formatting to editing.

Don’t waste time rewriting AI content repeatedly when you can pay a small fee for high-quality work.

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