The fourth season of Stranger Things is going to 2022

The first preview of the fourth season

Stranger Things 4 Teaser

With video in the form of Sneak peakThis is how Netflix has wanted to confirm that the fourth season of Stranger Things will not reach homes until 2022, thus leaving a long wait since the third season premiered on July 4, 2019. And it is that more than 2 have already passed years since Eleven and his gang left us with the spectacular battle in the Starcourt shopping center against the Mind spanking.

This ending also left us with the supposed death of Hooper, who sacrificed himself to put an end to the threat of the Mind Spanner, however, in the post-credits scene we learned that he was apparently imprisoned in a Russian jail. Now finally, with this teaser, we leave any kind of doubt about it.

Teaser subtitled in Spanish:

What awaits us in the fourth season?

Stranger Things 4 Teaser

The teaser does not leave many clues about the plot that will lead us to a new adventure for the Hawkins boys, but we can see how some supposed federal agents seem to take Eleven, which we remember went to live with Joyce and Will to a new home.

On the other hand, we have the rest of the boys, whose images show them investigating in some kind of abandoned house. The most disturbing thing is that a large part of the video is accompanied by the sound of clock bells, an object that appears in one of the moments of the video, so perhaps we are facing a very important detail in the plot of the new story.

So when is it released?

Unfortunately Netflix has preferred to continue maintaining the mystery and for now only talks about the 2022 as the launch date of the new season. This could lead us to a premiere in the first quarter, perhaps in summer as the third season or wait for the end of the year to coincide with Halloween, so at this time any type of variable would be possible (we hope they decide on the first one).

That said, we can only continue studying image by image of the published teaser and wait for the company to reveal more details about it.

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