The last mile company, DispatchTrack, lands in Spain

The North American multinational DispatchTrack, a specialist in “last mile delivery” software, based on Artificial Intelligence, is going to land in Spain. Founded in 2010 by Satish Natarajan and Shailu SatishIn just over a decade, the company has become the leading on-time delivery management solution trusted by more than 2,200 businesses worldwide, making more than 180 million deliveries a year to companies like Walmart. , Coca-Cola, Ashley, Ferguson Enterprises or Cargill, McCain Foods.

Natajaran and Satish they start this company on a “sofa”, Since after buying new furniture for their living room, they were surprised by the lack of transparency in the delivery, they did not know when their sofa would arrive and when it was delivered it was missing a cushion that never arrived. A persistent problem in the sector and so in a matter of months, they create the first prototype of DispatchTrack. A company that over 10 years has managed to be the last mile leader for all sectors around the world.

A scalable SaaS platform

DispatchTrack enables delivery companies to be more connected, agile and intelligent, thanks to multiple highly configurable features that improve end-to-end delivery management. Its proprietary routing algorithm AI powered guarantees a 98% accuracy of estimated time of arrival, in last mile deliveries.

DispatchTrack scheduling algorithms allow saving between 17% and 25% of distribution costs. By optimizing routes, the number of vehicles needed for deliveries is reduced, dispatching vehicles with 90% occupancy and reducing the carbon footprint. In addition, DispatchTrack allows its users to achieve 98% delivery effectiveness, reduce calls in the customer service call center by up to 50%, reduce the rejection rate to 1.5% and offer a delivery window less than two hours. The solution has an amounts module that allows the calculation of the cost of each carrier, the cost by type of vehicle and the cost based on other parameters, information that helps to further optimize deliveries and reduce costs.

DispatchTrack is fully configurable, modular, and easily integrates with customer applications, proactively solving issues, reducing uncertainty, and increasing transparency and improving customer satisfaction. Recipients know the status and the estimated time of arrival of your orders through SMS, email, Whatsapp or following the route from your mobile. In addition, the system confirms deliveries through digital signature proof of delivery, receipt certification and/or photos.

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Landing in Spain

In a first phase, DispatchTrack will market in Spain the products that allow them to quickly perceive their added value compared to the competition such as LastMile, PlannerPro and OnDemand.

Each delivery carries much more than orders, it carries the reputation of each brand and that is what we take care of, that valuable asset that is so easy to lose and difficult to recover”points Philip Porter, VP of Sales at DispatchTrack. “Our added value is the experience we have derived from the diversity of operations and the quantity and quality of clients. We are the safest, most robust and reliable option, with a top-level support team that responds in less than 33 seconds and resolves the entire ticket in less than 50 minutes. In addition, we constantly improve the product, anticipating the needs of our customers so that their end customers have a premium shopping experience, building their loyalty”.

DispatchTrack’s core business is the technology, offering the state of the art in the sector to all its clients, who will be able to integrate a leading route planning and monitoring system on the market. And it does so by promoting its own internal channel, so that they can take charge of the delivery experience of their customers and have a direct relationship with them, without the need for an intermediary. “In this way, we support customer loyalty associated with a good experience with the selling company, not with a marketplace, enhancing the reputation of each of the brands that trust in our technology to take their last mile to the next level”.

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