The MMO we’ve all been waiting for, what about Chrono Odyssey?

There is no doubt that, despite the “no E3”, 2023 has been a year full of announcements of great games and that have created a lot of expectation, in addition of course to such high-profile releases as, for example, Diablo IV or Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. However, one of the genres that gives the most money in the long term is that of MMORPGs, and in this area there is a name that is sounding much more powerful than the others: Chrono Odyssey. Will it be the great game it seems or will it come to nothing? Let’s see what we know so far.

Chrono Odyssey is a new MMORPG from the Korean company NPIXEL, and with titles like Gravity’s Ragnarok Online or Pearl Abyss’ Black Desert Online, it certainly seems that this genre is something that Koreans are really good at.

Chrono Odyssey, what do we know about this MMORPG?

To begin with, we know that it is being developed under the graphics engine Unreal Engine 5, and that means that it looks amazingly good and, like Black Desert Online (which has its own graphics engine, all told), it’s a game that’s going to stand out aesthetically. This is something that we could already see when its official game trailer was published, which you can see below.

Some graphics with UE5 and with this visual aspect, of course you will need a high-performance PC, although it is true that theoretically it will also arrive for PS5 and Xbox Series X and even its little sister, the Xbox Series S. In any case, for now we do not know the technical requirements necessary to be able to play, so we will have to wait until its release date approaches to reveal this mystery.

One other thing we know is that there will be six character classes to start with: Warrior, Ranger, Wizard, Paladin, Berserker, and Assassin, and let me tell you that at the very least, Warrior, Ranger, and Sorceress will be they look suspiciously like the Warrior, Ranger, and Sorceress classes from Black Desert Online.

But well, we continue with the game mechanics. Obviously, and as a good MMORPG, it will focus on combat, and from what we have been able to see, it will focus on massive combat, in the purest Guild Wars 2 style against world bosses. Players will have to join forces and work as a team to emerge victorious from difficult battles that, of course, will also yield large rewards.

Chrono Odyssey

Regarding the history and the lore of Chrono Odyssey, we know that it will take place on a large map called Setera, with many places to explore and, of course, with a very careful aesthetic, at the level of the combat animations that we have been able to see in the videos published so far. now. We will have to fight against enemies and so on, but we don’t know if it’s going to be based on a mission system, if grindor what.

Finally, to highlight one aspect that does make Chrono Odyssey different from the rest of the MMORPGs on the market, and that is the Chronotector, an object that will allow us to manipulate time and space to go back in time, visit different timelines or even stop enemies in combat. It will be interesting to see how they integrate this mechanic into an online game, really.

As we said, Chrono Odyssey will be released for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S in 2024, but there is still no set date. It will have to be kept in the spotlight because, without a doubt, it looks impressive and has everything to become one of the best MMORPGs.

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