The most demanded job profiles last 10 days without work, at most

Professions such as Data Scientist, DevOps, full-stack developer, Helpdesk Assisstant, AI specialist, or quality control (QA) are the most demanded in these first months of the year, with an unemployment rate close to zero. This is confirmed by reports such as the one published last February by CompTIA, which places developers as the positions most in demand by companies.

These professions are impacting all sectors and have now become more essential than ever. These profiles, software development and programming language experts, are an asset that is on the rise in full obligation to digitize and take advantage of new technologies to maximize business models in online environments. In fact, the market is very focused on those specialized, above all, in languages ​​such as JAVA, Python, JavaScript, SQL and C++.

A demand, that of these profiles, which is accompanied by companies with innovative talent selection and evaluation systems that allow them to choose the best candidate in each case. And it is that, investing in solutions like these makes the difference when opting for one profile or another, because the best candidates are on the market, on average, 10 days and the “classic” selection processes are not capable of attract their attention in such a short amount of time.

For this reason, having modern and agile selection systems for this type of jobs It must be one of the priorities for any company that needs digital talent. The time and experience that they are able to generate in this type of talent is critical to be able to get ahead and close positions with top professionals.

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In order to speed up their selection processes as much as possible, countless companies have begun to bet on platforms that allow the evaluation of the technical capabilities of these complex profiles. In this sense, the digital human resources consultancy The Key Talent has reached an agreement with the American company codeilityfor which you can exclusively distribute their assessment tests in Spain and Portugal. In this way, the Spanish company will be able to offer among its services an agile and reliable platform for the evaluation or selection of technical talent.

Qualify “hidden” talent

About, Joseph Louis Gugelpartner and founder of The Key Talent comments: “With this agreement we are going to be able to help companies to qualify this talent that is especially difficult to attract, such as engineers and developers. In addition, not only will we be able to speed up the selection process, but we will be able to automate it and make it easier for it to scale to all levels. In this way, our clients will be able to make better decisions based on data while creating a more powerful experience in the candidates”.

Codility allows companies to create hyper-realistic programming tests based on roles to evaluate candidates efficiently and objectively in a programming environment in which they are familiar (Codecheck System), in addition to having a virtual space that allows safe and collaborative technical interviews to be carried out (CodeLive System). In this way, these new processes allow reducing times in the selection process to screen, evaluate or select the different profiles.

Simon Ellis, VP of Client Development at Codility, comments: “We are proud to work with the leading company in the human resources market, this agreement allows us to promote technical recruitment for companies in Spain and Portugal. Together we will be able to help companies of all sizes, and their human resources professionals, to face a digital transformation by recruiting and evaluating the best technological talent”.

Definitely, hire critical talent It becomes a much more efficient and reliable process since the processes can be carried out between two and three times faster than a conventional one. A circumstance that, in addition, generates a greater interest on the part of the applicants, since the data indicates that 60 percent of the developers who seek employment do not continue their selection processes because they are too long or bureaucratic.

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