The most interesting aspects of NaaS for Spanish companies, according to HPE Aruba Networking

He NaaSalso know as Network as a Serviceis a consumption model that has changed the way companies manage their networks, and that provides several advantages that optimize connectivity and improve operational efficiency in companies. For HPE, NaaS is one of the main opportunities for companies that want to increase the level of competitiveness of companies, and it has identified the aspects of this connectivity model that most interest Spanish companies with a view to its adoption.

The first is scalability without additional investment, since with NaaS, companies can efficiently expand their network infrastructure. Plus, they can do it without having to invest in more infrastructure or upgrades. The second is simplified network management. By outsourcing to a NaaS service provider, companies can dedicate their resources to other tasks. At the same time, offerings like HPE Aruba Networking can simplify configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting, improving operational efficiency.

With a NaaS model, businesses also get better at security, because businesses benefit from a third-party vendor’s expertise in network security. In the case of HPE Aruba Networking, after several purchases related to the Private 5G and SASE areas, its NaaS proposal offers data protection and threat prevention solutions, which also minimize the risks that can occur in business activities.

NaaS allows companies to adjust their network capacity based on their needs, which makes flexibility and adaptability two other advantages that the model brings to companies. They can also reduce operating costs, as the NaaS model eliminates the need to maintain and upgrade physical network infrastructures.

On the other hand, it simplifies and speeds up the deployments and the configuration of the network infrastructure. Using software and automation, businesses can implement changes and updates quickly and without disruption. Naas also improves network performance by allowing greater visibility and control of resources.

It gives you the opportunity to centrally monitor and manage the network, as well as proactively identify and fix problems. This results in a greater fluidity in the user experience, and an improvement in the efficiency of operations.

For Pedro Martínez Busto, Business Development Manager for Southern Europe at HPE Aruba Networkingone of the main reasons to adopt NaaS is the need for companies to be agile and adapt quickly to a constantly changing business environment.

Thus, the manager points out that “NaaS provides organizations with an agile mechanism to take advantage of the benefits provided by the best network technology, without incurring expensive infrastructure investments; In the current environment of rising money prices and restricted access to financing, this is an increasingly valued critical issue. Organizations have begun to see in NaaS an IT model that allows them to scale their network infrastructure quickly and easily, something that can give them a competitive advantage in an increasingly dynamic market.

Martínez Busto also points out that “The adoption of the Network as a Service is a growing trend in the business world, since it offers unquestionable benefits in terms of flexibility, efficiency and security. However, it is essential that companies carefully assess their needs and goals, working hand in hand with vendors with proven experience, to take full advantage of the potential of NaaS ensuring rapid implementation and successful operation..

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