The mythical Blackout map comes to Call of Duty: Mobile

Blackout reaches mobile

The map will land on September 23 with the two updates that closed its previous cycle. We can therefore enjoy those mythical areas such as Nuketown, Construction Site, the dam and even Ghost Twon, one of the last updates that the map underwent before its withdrawal.

In this way, the Battle Royale mode of Call of Duty Mobile will be refreshed with the arrival of the map, although the mode in question will also receive a large number of improvements and adjustments. For example, a new system for obtaining weapons, a new health and armor system, as well as new images and a new audio interface will be released.

This is a huge update that will coincide with the launch of Season 8 and, as we have already discussed, with the second anniversary of the mobile version of Call of Duty.

A map with a lot of chaos

Blackout first brought the frenzy and mayhem of battle royale to Call of Duty. And it is that areas such as the skyscraper under construction generated incredibly chaotic initial confrontations that forced players to play everything in a matter of seconds. Quieter areas (sometimes) such as the Dam or the Estates are usually good places to land, although you should not be overconfident considering the speed of some players. As always, the best recommendation for beginners is to find weapons quickly and drive to quiet areas.

A celebration in style

Call of Duty Mobile Blackops

The second anniversary of Call of Duty Mobile will be full of celebrations. Activision will update the Crash map to offer an improved version with updated graphics, and we are talking about the most played map of Call of Duty: Mobile, so users will greatly appreciate it.

On the other hand, there will also be a limited-time event called Counterattack, which will include for the first time seeing NPC characters in Call of Duty Mobile and PvE gameplay. The mode will allow us to complete missions and recruit NPCs so that we can progress more easily in the event and earn more rewards.

When can it be downloaded?

The Blackout map will arrive in Call of Duty: Mobile on September 23 at 2:00 in the morning in Spain, so you will only have to update the application to be able to enjoy the new map once more. If you did not enjoy this fantastic Back Ops 4 battle royale in your day, it is the perfect time to do it and play some games.

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