The new version of the Tesla Model 3 appears filtered… and we like it

The Tesla Model 3, the entry-level car from Elon Musk’s firm, is undergoing renovation under the ‘Highland’ project. Some details were leaked weeks ago, but now we have a frontal image that puts us on the track of what to expect.

It is worth mentioning that Tesla has become one of the biggest names in the automobile industry. With lights and shadows, his commitment to the 100% electric car has pressured the rest of the manufacturers in the search for zero emissions. Also noteworthy is its development in autonomous driving technologies that have not stopped improving towards those levels (4 and 5) when vehicles are capable of navigating by themselves anywhere, without any type of intervention from the human driver and in any environment. .

With the Model S sedan as the great star of the catalogue, Tesla has been adding other models to the catalog such as the Model Y electric SUV or the Cybertruck pickup. However, the Model 3, as an entry model and the most economical of the brand It has been a point of attraction since its launch in 2018 and has ended up becoming the best seller among Tesla and even the best in overall sales in some markets. We really liked it when we had the opportunity to test it thoroughly.

New Tesla Model 3: ‘Highland’

Although the leaked image is not verified and even if it were, it could be a prototype and not the final version that will be marketed, it coincides with previous information and is quite popular due to the comments on the networks. For a start, that front looks much more elegant than the original model.

Tesla Model 3

New headlights, front and rear bumpers, and redesigned wing mirrors are expected. We see new wheels with 18″ tires and they are expected more camerasthree in total, one in the center of the front bumper and two more on the sides of the vehicle.

And changes in sensors to improve the operation of the Autopilot in autonomous driving. Instead of using a dedicated temperature sensor, the vehicle will determine the outside temperature based on its GPS location and weather data.

Inside of the new Tesla Model 3 will also be renewed. There’s talk of a new Model S-inspired center display as a way to simplify the assembly process and a more daringly designed “yoke”-style steering wheel. In any case, the changes will be focused on the cost reductionso some enthusiasts may be put off if the cutouts are too austere.

Still, if the leaks turn out to be true, the sleek exterior may be enough to encourage another set of users to buy the cheaper Tesla. Elon Musk spoke in his day about the price as a significant barrier to the adoption of these 100% electric EVs and promised to reduce costs until he could offer an entry-level Tesla in the environments of the $25,000. It’s still a long way off because the new Tesla Model 3 ‘Highland’ is not expected to cost less than the $35,000 of the original version. We’ll tell you.

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