The next iOS update is coming

Since Apple celebrated WWDC 2023 a few weeks ago, all eyes have been on both the Apple Vision Pro, the company’s mixed reality glasses, and the different operating systems that will arrive next fall. However, from Cupertino they continue to work on the different updates that will arrive before their launch, which is why the third beta of iOS 16.6 was launched yesterday. Keep reading that we tell you their news.

Whenever the Developers Conference takes place, all the attention since then is focused on the new operating systems, but the reality is that all Apple has done is present what will arrive in about 3 months, and the reality is that the company itself continues to work with the current versions, in this case iOS 16. Therefore. Yesterday the third beta of iOS 16.6a version that, as you can foresee, does not incorporate many changes, especially if we compare it with the beta of iOS 17 or even with the different updates that have been released since the launch of iOS 16.

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The iOS 16.6 beta confirms what everyone thought

When an operating system is reaching the end of its days, which is what is happening with iOS 16, the updates that Apple introduces are much more focused on performance of the devices than to include striking innovations, since this surprise effect has already been achieved, and has been achieved, with the presentation of the following generations of operating systems. Now, that does not mean that, when the final version comes out, it is not necessary to update, since you will not only make your iPhone work better, but also, these types of versions prepare the device for the update that will arrive in September with iOS 17.

In addition, both iOS 16.6 and iPadOS 16.6 have a very important function, which is lay the groundwork for the advent of contact key verification for iMessage. This very interesting function, which provides users who use it with extra security, is designed so that all those who need it can use it to avoid possible security problems or identity theft. In fact, it is designed to used by journalists, human rights activists, government officials, and others who may be highly exposed to malicious digital attacks.

Icon MessagesWhen will iOS 16.6 arrive?Well, the reality is that, as usual, Apple has not provided any specific date for the launch of what will be one of the last updates, but rather the last, of iOS 16, what is clear is that taking into account that it has just been launch the third beta, surely in 2 or 3 weeks The final version will now be completely available so that all users can install it on their iPhone without any problem, something that, of course, we highly recommend, since when Apple releases a new version, it is always important to update the device.

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