The organization of experiential events will be the most profitable trend in 2023

The typology of events has evolved over the years and now they are the experiential those that have become essential to connect with users.

Innovation and originality are key factors in creating attractive events that provide a return on investment made for your organization. In this sense, implementing the use of disruptive technologies, encouraging participation and betting on sustainable events will be essential to achieve this.

Events have been changing in recent years due to the demands of attendees, who are no longer satisfied with attending, but rather seek to live experiences in which they have a more active role and make them feel part of the brand.

When organizing an event, it is necessary to know for what purpose it is carried out, to which public it is addressed and to establish a investment that can be profitableeither by improving the image of the brand, retaining regular customers or reaching a new audience, thus increasing sales of the brand.

For this, companies are betting on “experiences that breathe a technological and innovative environment”, indicates Alberto Salgado, event coordinator at The Place, the innovation space in The Valley where more than 60 companies chose to hold their meetings during 2022. In addition, companies seek to leave a corporate imprint among attendees, so look for spaces “fully customizable as The Place has become a must for companies” Alberto points out.

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So, what are the most demanded new trends and what will mark the events this year?

Virtual experiences increasingly real

During the last year, face-to-face events gained momentum, however, and despite the desire of both organizers and attendees to resume face-to-face attendance, the advantages and possibilities offered by streaming events in recent years have generated an increase of the demand for hybrid eventsin which face-to-face is combined with remote assistance.

That is why this 2023 will seek to complete these hybrid events with increasingly realistic experiences that can be enjoyed equally by those who attend as well as by those who decide to follow it online, and it will be possible thanks to the use of technologies. like virtual reality or new environments like the metaverse.

Explore sensory experiences

Experiences that stimulate the senses turn events into more than just a meetingand among these, the gastronomic ones are synonymous with success. “They can be achieved through smells, flavors or textures and accompanied by sounds or surprising visual or light shows and usually generate a very positive response from the attendees, as occurs in the tastings or presentations organized in the Immersive Room of The Place”confirms Alberto Salgado.

In addition, within these experiences you can also bet on fostering relationships between attendees through dynamics and activities, which can be a very good idea for a networking event or opt for events that promote mental health and personal well-being.

Original, innovative spaces with added value

The classic auditoriums where attendees have a mere observer role from their seat have been relegated to the background with the arrival of more dynamic, immersive and in which activities can be carried out in groups or individually, where attendees become participants and in which an event can be enjoyed from different perspectives.

In addition, the use of new technologies and innovative devices will make the event much more attractive and fun.

Sustainability present in each action

Both internally and externally, company sustainability policies are today one of the pillars on which companies base their values ​​and image. For this reason, when holding an event, it is always necessary to take into account the inclusion of sustainable actions that generate a positive impact.

To do this, you can use reused and recyclable materials, take care of the waste of food and resources or have local commerce suppliers, something that will also be of great help to reduce the costs of the events.

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