The perfect portable monitor to take the console to town this summer, knocks down its price on Amazon

The portable monitors, or laptops, are gaining great popularity in recent years. Thanks to them we can have a screen, generally of high quality, that we can take with us wherever we want. They are powered through a USB port, and we can connect them to any device via USB type C or HDMI. Thanks to this, and its more than affordable price, more and more users are considering it as an essential gadget when they travel, and it is the perfect companion for anyone who wants to take the console on the go with them.

Although Amazon Prime Day is just around the corner, that does not mean that we cannot find authentic unrepeatable bargains in the largest store on the entire Internet. For this reason, and taking advantage of the fact that the heat is already noticeable in our country, today we bring you one of the best offers you will find: a Full HD portable gaming monitor, which can be yours for less than 110 euros.

ARZOPA S1 almost half the price

ARZOPA is one of the best-known brands in the portable monitor market. This brand stands out for offering very high quality screens, great features, and also at very affordable prices. Today we are going to talk, specifically, about the S1 model. This is a 15.6-inch portable monitor, which offers a FHD resolution at 1080P and 60 Hz refresh ratePerfect for both work and play.

This screen includes surround sound speakers, is designed to be used both horizontally and vertically, has a 1000:1 contrast ratio and technology support HDR with which to improve the image quality.

It is a perfect screen both for use with a PC, and for use with PlayStation / Xbox consoles, and even Nintendo Switch. And we can even connect the mobile to see it on the big screen thanks to its USB type C and HDMI connectivity.

The normal price of the ARZOPA S1 is 199.99 euros. However, for a very limited time, this screen has a 40% discount, so it would stay at 119.99 euros. In addition, we also have a discount coupon of 10 euros, so its final price is 109.99 euros. A real bargain, and a must have gadget for this summer.

If, on the other hand, you want something a little smaller (and cheaper), ARZOPA’s lowest range, the A1, we can get it for 95.99 euros, thanks to the 44% discount and the additional coupon of 10 euros. Cheaper, impossible.

More portable screens on sale

This is not the only portable monitor that we can find on sale. If we are looking for something different, and we have a little more money, we can also find excellent alternatives, like the ones we are going to see below:

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