the podium of the most used versions contains a nice surprise

Google has updated the adoption figures for its different versions of Android. Unsurprisingly, Android 13 is in first place. On the other hand, those that follow him are not really what you might think. Indeed, many users have obviously skipped a few updates.


While Android 14 has only just found its way onto the Galaxy S23, Google took the opportunity to update the adoption figures for the different versions of its operating system. As of October 1, 2023, Android 13 is the most popular version of the OS in the world, with 22.4% of users having adopted it. In addition, it has experienced a significant jump in popularity, since it brought together only 15% of users last May.

We will agree that this figure is not very surprising, as most users update their smartphone to the latest version available, sometimes even without realizing it. What is more, however, is the rest of the podium. Logic would dictate that Android 12 would follow in second place. However, the latter cannot even find a place in the top 3. The operating system is content with 4th place, with only 15.8% of users.

Why Android 10 is still more popular than Android 12

So who is on the podium? In second place, we find Android 11 and its 21.6% market share, followed by Android 10, with 16.1% market share. In other words, a 3 year old operating system is almost as popular as the penultimate one (which was even the most recent only a few weeks ago), and much more used than its counterpart launched in 2021. Furthermore, we note that Android 12 is the only version of the OS to have seen its popularity decline in recent months. (

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How to explain this phenomenon ? It is very likely that the majority of users still on Android 10 or 11 are constrained by the age of their smartphone. The latter has certainly reached the end of its software support, and their owners have not yet opted for a more recent model. Also, let’s highlight those who refuse to install updates, because of an old legend which says that they deteriorate the performance of our devices. However, remember as always that affected users are exposed to serious security risks.

android adoption october 2023android adoption october 2023
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