Can I talk to ChatGPT from the iPhone?

ChatGPT is one of the most fashionable assistants / chatbots. And it is not surprising, since its responsiveness, language, variety of topics and speed are truly amazing. Butit is possible to talk with ChatGPT from the iPhone? How can it be done? In this post we are going to tell you everything.

ChatGPT is also on your iPhone

The OpenAI chatbot is compatible with desktop internet browsers. But browsing the internet on a computer, or browsing the internet on an iPhone are two completely different things, in terms of display elements and user experience. Despite this, we have good news: yes it is possible to talk with ChatGPT from the iPhone.

At first we might think that there is an app that we can download from the App Store. But the official version of ChatGPT is only available, at least for now, through its official website. On the iPhone we can see an adapted version of the ChatGPT web and the interface is really simple: message display area and writing bar. Even so, ChatGPT is fully functional (on the iPhone) in the vast majority of things it can or knows how to do.

The first thing you will need to talk with ChatGPT is log in to the Open AI website. Only by doing this, you will be able to access the chatbot. Creating an OpenAI account is very simple, since if we have a Google or Microsoft account we can log in with them. And yes, the version that we can access from ChatGPT is free, so we won’t be asked for any payment method or anything similar.

In addition, the version of ChatGPT that we can use from the iPhone presents its “Capacities” and its “Limitations”. Something that is very good, to have more information about what we are going to be able to find. So, if we open ChatGPT, we will see the following:

  • It (the chatbot) remembers what we have said in past conversations.
  • Allows the user to submit corrections.
  • Trained (the chatbot) to reject inappropriate proposals.
  • May occasionally generate incorrect information
  • It may sometimes provide biased content or harmful instructions
  • He only knows what has happened in the world from 2021

What can you ask from ChatGPT

ChatGPT displays your typed responses as it “thinks” (or rather, processes) them. In an iPhone we are talking about a much more limited interface than the one we have in the desktop version, due to the screen. But even so, everything that has to do with knowledge and answers in text, things will go well.

chat gpt compatible iphone

To be fair, ChatGPT can’t do the impossible at the moment, but it can provide some information or created content that can be very good. Of course, in the field of information, especially if it is about events or phenomena that have occurred, we must always contrast what it tells us. We cannot stay only with his answer. OpenAI itself explains it as soon as you open the app: it only knows about everything that happened from 2021, which is why it has a strong lack in contexts that, on many occasions, are necessary to understand a specific fact.

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