The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra looks exactly like a Galaxy Note

We understand better why Samsung did not want to present a Galaxy Note this year, it has reincarnated in Galaxy S22 Ultra.

This year, Samsung skipped its Galaxy Note smartphone range to focus on its A and S ranges. While we are still awaiting news of the Galaxy S22, leaks have just unveiled the appearance of the Ultra model. . It is the famous leaker Evan Blass who publishes these photos on Twitter… rather intriguing. Indeed, at first glance, we have more the impression of dealing with a Galaxy Note than the Galaxy S22 Ultra in terms of its design.

If we trust these images, the smartphone should have a design that is both very flat on the top and bottom edges, and rounded on the left and right edges. The stylus looks exactly like the one that accompanies the Galaxy Note range. We note both a striking resemblance to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ or ​​the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. As a reminder, the first one looked like this:

samsung galaxy note 10
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 +. Credit: Samsung

Compared to the Galaxy S21 Ultra, this is a real style revolution. The only similarity with the S21 Ultra, the photo part. The smartphone exhibits its 5 sensors as one would expect, and in the same composition as its predecessor. A risky bet or a great idea, Samsung is betting on nostalgia anyway to give us another design already seen. Will daring pay off? Answer within a few months.

According to rumors, the Korean brand plans to unveil its entire Galaxy S22 range by next February. The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is also eagerly awaited by technophiles. While waiting for more information about it, go here to discover its full technical sheet, also leaked by Evan Blass not long ago.

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