The South Korean government will have data centers with local AI chips

The authorities of South Korea They have made their plans public. build two data centers using domestically developed Artificial Intelligence chips. In addition, the South Korean government has confirmed, according to Datacenter Dynamics, that it will increase funding for the development of semiconductor-related products.

There will be two data centers that will incorporate this type of AI chips. They will be in Gwangju and Gyenggi, in Pangyo province. Both will be intended to support the growth of new industries. Among them, urban air mobility, hydrogen power generation, autonomous cars and batteries for electric vehicles.

The size and capacity of these data centers is unknown at this time. The times and dates that are considered for its construction and start-up are not known either.

In addition, as we have mentioned, the South Korean government plans to expand financial support for the development of semiconductor-related products in companies without factories. This financing will be added to the 642 million dollars committed by the authorities for the development of chips for generative AI last February.

Naturally, companies that do not have factories and work with semiconductors will be in charge only of their design, and not of their manufacture. As for flights between highly populated cities with small aircraft. To support the development of this type of aircraft, the country’s government plans develop a communication networkstarting with the creation of a working group dedicated to discovering the ideal frequencies to allocate them to the project.

Self-driving cars will get a special boost from privacy law reform, which will allow companies to use video recorded by cars to generate a database for training and inference. In addition, the South Korean authorities are exploring the use of electric vehicle batteries as a recyclable energy source.

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