Brussels asks digital platforms to identify content generated by AI

The European Commission has been resounding when it comes to AI. In this sense, last Monday, June 5, Brussels launched its message to the European platforms that are registered with the European code of good practices against disinformation that identify all content that has been generated by AI.

From Brussels you want to prevent AI from being used in the future with harmful intentions, in order to attack the image of people and institutions. Under this intention, the measure will be mandatory as of next August, it will be then when Google, Tik Tok and Microsoft, among others, must abide by the new mandate.

Dealing with malicious activities

The reality is that although the good work of AI is known by Brussels, in another sense they also believe that it can be used to encourage misinformation and propaganda through false texts, images or voices, a fact that is tried to be avoided at all costs.

Until then, the European Commission has called on big tech to contribute to the identification of all content created by AI, in actions such as labeling texts, voices, images or videos, and preventing false information from spreading. Until now, there have been a total of 44 tech, with the incorporation of 12 new companies, which have signed a voluntary code of good practices, which includes the obligation to label this content created with AI.

Thus, the Vice President of the European Commission for Values ​​and Transparencies, Verá Jourová, indicated that “we have the task of protecting freedom of expression, but when it comes to the production of artificial intelligence, I do not see any right to freedom of expression for machines”.

The process initiated by the European Commission will be long in time, calculating that it will enter into force in 2026, but with this declaration of intent it wants to start what is a voluntary pact. SIt will be on August 25 when the Digital Services Law entersto force organizations to remove all illegal content from the internet.

The intentions of Brussels are directed beyond the AI, and that is that the European Commission is pointing to companies to fight against Russian disinformation in the middle of the invasion of Ukraine. For Jourová “war is not only weapons, but also words. The Russian disinformation war against the democratic world already began many years ago, after the annexation of Crimea. We see huge disinformation campaigns being produced in Russia by pro-Kremlin sources.”

The gap opens with Twitter

The act was marked by the disengagement of Twitter, however from Brussels it has been exposed that the activity of this social network will be monitored to thus verify correct compliance with the legislation.

The new owner of the social network Twitter, Elon Musk made clear his intention to walk away from such a pact volunteer. However, from Europe they want the social network to enter into the imposed mandates, such that the internal market commissioner, Thierry Breton, has stated emphatically that “in Europe, the bird will fly according to our rules.”

You will see Jourová was blunt regarding Twitter’s positioning: “We believe that it is a Twitter error. You have chosen the worst path. She chose confrontation.” In the same way, the vice president also warned that this action has led to the social network now attracting much more attention, so that “its actions and adjustment to EU legislation will be subject to vigorous and urgent scrutiny.”

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