The successor device to smartphones is arriving today, and it only costs $699

Humane, the startup on a mission to make smartphones obsolete with an AI-based device, has refined its product. The AI ​​Pin is preparing to invade the market at an affordable price.

human ai pinhuman ai pin
Credit: Humane

Leaving Apple, Imran Chaudhri set up a startup, Humane, whose objective is to design a device that will replace the smartphone. The development of this tiny accessory which will act as a daily AI assistant seems to have come to an end. The company’s home page announces that an important event will take place during the day of November 9.

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The Verge has obtained details regarding theAI Pin, a pin full of technology which will be able to respond to all your requests thanks to the integration of ChatGPT. According to the American site, bare device should cost 699 $ in the United States. On its own, it will not be of much use, because it will have to communicate with the OpenAI servers to be truly useful and reveal its full potential. Initially, it will be sold with a subscription with an American operator, whose price should oscillate around $24 per month. For this price, customers will get access to the highest performance language model, GPT-4 Turbo, in this case.

The AI ​​Pin is a device that wants to replace your smartphone

Humane presents the AI ​​Pin as a personal assistant that you can control with your voice or by touching it to activate it. It will not need a screen to function, since it will project its answers onto the palm your hand (or on any other surface of your choice). It will attach to your clothing using a magnet.

Humane’s mission is to “ create a innovative, familiar, natural and human technology “. If the AI ​​Pin keeps all its promises, we could well see more and more pin wearers powered by artificial intelligence around the world in the very near future. The question now remains to be answered: would you be ready to give up your smartphone for this device?

Source : The Verge

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