The synergy between Stuart and Delitbee drives restaurants with food delivery

Restaurants have a new impetus. With the intention of providing maximum support to the establishments integrated into its platform, the Delitbee food delivery comparator advances in the efficient and sustainable delivery. It does so through a new agreement, this time with the Stuart technology platform.

With this latest signature, both restaurants and consumers benefit. The end user will end up receiving their order in an optimal time and with the possibility of programming it in 15-minute slots through a sustainable and environmentally friendly distribution. With this agreement, restaurants benefit since there is no type of commission, the great difference with the rest of the platforms in the sector.

Thanks to this agreement, Delitbee goes one step further in its mission of being the preferred alternative for restaurants and users when placing their orders at home. Thanks to Delitbee, restaurants have all the technology available on the market to generate direct sales in their own sales channels thanks to its marketplace and the integrations made with technology companies such as Sinqro, Deliverect, Ordatic or LastApp which will connect directly with Stuart to that the orders are processed and sent directly without the need to manually request delivery men and in this way improve the operation of the restaurant.

The Delitbee-Stuart Alliance born on this occasion in Valencia, one of the last cities in which the last-mile shipping company has landed. However, and with the focus on continuing to promote responsible and sustainable use of delivery platforms, work will be done to expand this agreement in the rest of the cities where Stuart already offers its on-demand service- Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Zaragoza, Valencia , Seville, Bilbao and Malaga.

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From Delitbee, Pau Vivas CEO of the company points out the strengths of this union: “The logistics part is one of the key parts when it comes to food-delivery and thanks to this agreement with Stuart, restaurants will have the best possible ally to ensure that their customers have a perfect experience when receiving their orders at home. In addition, thanks to this agreement with Stuart we will be able to carry out our expansion to bring Delitbee to new cities and countries soon.”

More than 100 integrated restaurants

The more than one hundred restaurants integrated in Delitbee are already favored with this new agreement in their home delivery. A service that offers a double benefit; a sustainable and reliable distribution but that in turn provides savings of around 50%, the percentage in commission that they allocate in the case of carrying out the service with other delivery companies such as Glovo or JustEat.

Delitbee aims, by the end of the year, to ensure that restaurants can save close to a million euros in commissions and thanks to that saving, they can allocate more funds in the acquisition and retention of their own users within Delitbee.

“We are very excited about this new alliance, since it is very important for us to provide the best service to the food delivery sector. We know that restaurants face a very complex daily operation, and with this partnership with Delitbee we hope to be able to contribute to the efficiency of the establishments themselves, while improving their profitability thanks to strengthening its own sales channel”said Ilias Allali, Operations Director of Stuart Spain.

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