The Xbox Series X is back at Fnac in a mega pack at a bargain price

New opportunity for those who wish to buy the Xbox Series X. Fnac offers the console in a big pack that includes the game Halo Infinite as well as an Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. We advise you not to hang around too long to jump on the occasion, at the risk of seeing it slip through your fingers.

Xbox Series X Fnac

If the Xbox Series X is still not consistently available, we see it quite regularly coming back to stock, but very stealthily. It is precisely possible to buy it at the moment on the Fnac website. This is a new opportunity after those offered last week by the Microsoft Store and Leclerc.

At Fnac, the console is not offered alone, but in a pack that combines it with the Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller and the game Halo Infinite. You will have to go quickly if you want to buy the Xbox Series X which, as a reminder, brings the same technical developments as the PS5, its competitor from Sony.

Xbox Series X + Xbox Elite Serie 2 + Halo Infinite: a pack available at a promotional price at Fnac

This pack is somewhat similar to the one we saw at Leclerc a few days ago. We find there once again the Xbox Series X and the high-end Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. Everything is accompanied by a flagship game from the Microsoft platform: Halo Infinite in this case, of which here is our test. Nothing better to get started with the next-gen Xbox console

The set worth 750 € is displayed at 700 €. A pack at a reduced price, therefore knowing that the recommended prices of the Series X, the Elite Series 2 controller and Halo Infinite are respectively 500 €, 180 € and 70 €. Do we still need to remember that on paper, Xbox’s NextGen console has absolutely nothing to envy to the competing PS5.

Both benefit more or less from the same technological developments with the integration of a new AMD APU, more powerful than ever. And which offers new features on console, namely native 4K, Ray Tracing, VRR, ultra-low latencies as well as record loading times thanks in particular to their NVMe SSD.

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