These are some of the gifts that Apple gives its employees

Apple is starting to deal different gifts to employees who “have earned” them. We speak in these terms because we have on the one hand the gifts you are giving to employees who have overcome the Apple Watch challenge of “closing the rings.” On the other hand, he is also giving a very special gift to those who were commissioned to create at AirTag. All a detail on the part of the company and some details that we will see in a few years in the auction houses.

The members of the team that created the Find My trackers are receiving a very special and original gift. A frame that includes six personalized AirTags with the signatures of team members in an elegant glass frame. We have seen the personalized gift of the AirTag thanks to the image shared by the Apple product designer Frank de Jong on LinkedIn. In the center of the frame is the AirTag’s stainless steel back plate. Around it are six white AirTag caps forming a circle, each containing the signature of each of the engineers who have formed the team that allowed the device to see the light.

AirTag Gift

Photo taken by Frank De Jong

It has also been known that Apple has initiated the delivery of gifts for the 5th consecutive year of awards to employees who have completed the Apple Watch challenge of Close the rings. This time they are three Apple Fitness themed towels for exercise. The gift comes in a classic white Apple box with the 3 fitness rings embossed on top. There is also a small card included in the box that congratulates the employees on their success.

Apple gift closes the rings

Elad Wertheimer, Kenneth Ibanay Francis Crane De Narvaez

The card reads, “Congratulations on completing the fifth anniversary of the Close Your Rings Challenge. Throw your towels in the air and shake them, because you absolutely care about your body, your health, and your teammates. Plus, those healthier habits and human connections you absorbed during the challenge will benefit you long after it’s over. So Unroll the possibilities. You earned it »

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