These are the new Intel Core i5 and i3 CPUs: direct to AMD

We know that not all Intel Core 12 processors have not been released and that as in previous generations Intel has a huge range of CPUs. So these are in the bedroom waiting to appear on the market. Well, it seems that we will not have to wait long, apart from that we already know the specifications of the i9-12900F and the rest of the range not yet launched.

There is no doubt that Intel has made a hit with its new processors, of which less was expected than what they offer and that is that the expectations for many people were low, specifically after years of immobility. It can be said that 2021 has been a transition year for Intel in which the batteries have begun to be put in place.

In 2022 we will see the so-called “Locked” Processors, which do not have the overclocking capabilities of the CPUs that are already on the market.

I9-12900F specifications and the rest

During the following month of January we will finally see the rest of the Intel Core 12 desktop range, which will come in two different chips. On the one hand the so-called «C0» that integrates both P-Cores and E-Cores inside in different configurations depending on the model, and on the other a smaller chip called «H0» that lacks the E-Cores, where among the Specifications of all of them highlights the i9-12900F.

In any case, the technical specifications that have been filtered are not complete, in the case of models that have both P-Cores and E-Cores we do not know if the base frequency corresponds to one type of core or another. For example, in the i9-12900F we can observe a base clock speed that is equal to that of the E-Cores to the i9-12900K / i9-12900KF, but a Boost of 5.1 GHz which indicates that the new model only has said difference.

The same goes for the i7-12700F and i7-12700K. So the only unknown is the standard speed of the P-Cores in the models without the letter K in the name, which should be lower than the existing models, since everything indicates that they have a TDP of 65 W .

The other processors in the range lack the E-Cores where the i5s are below the 12600K. Therefore, the specifications given in base and maximum speed correspond exclusively to the P-Cores in the case of these processors. Among them, the return of the i3 stands out, which will be 4-core processors, so it is confirmed that Intel is going for AMD in the mid and low range of processors with high-performance cores exclusively.

New motherboards will be released


The rest of Intel 600 chipsets will appear at the same time as the new range, among which the B660 and H670 chipsets, which we already knew of their existence although they have not been released yet. Given the high price of motherboards for Intel Core 12 at the moment, its appearance is really a joy for those who want to adopt some of the new Intel processors and have backed off waiting for cheaper motherboards.

The release date? It is said that in mid-January both the new motherboards and the new processors could be available, presumably being presented at CES 2022.

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