These are the new Intel i5 processors and their release date

Let’s face it, one of the best-selling CPUs of the moment for its excellent value for money is the i5-11400F. Well, Intel is aware of this and they will launch new Intel Core 12 in January, as well as their motherboards for those who want to mount a Gaming PC and have tighter budgets. Will we have the full range or will we have to wait longer? (Ultram)

It is no secret that the Alder Lake for desktop have been released at the moment for those impatient who want to have the most powerful CPUs of the moment and they cannot wait, but they will not be the only ones that will be on sale in a short time. Since Intel will launch new Core 12 in January and the new motherboard models with Intel 600 chipset.

New Intel Core 12 and boards for January

The first images of the Intel Core 12 CPUs for desktop have been leaked and will be on sale in January. The models are: i9-12900, i5-12600, i5-12500 and i5-12400. Of all of them, the one that stands out is the i5-12900, which would be between the i7-12700K and the i9-12900K in terms of performance and would be an i9 in configuration, although with lower consumption. The rest instead are in specifications below those that are now on the market and are based on the variant of the Alder Lake-S lacking E-Cores.

In addition, we will not only have the new Core 12 in January, but also more modest motherboards than the current Z690 motherboards. So it is more than possible that chipsets will finally appear H670, W680, B660 and H610. At the moment we do not know the I / O organization of these, but we know that it will not have the advanced capabilities for overclocking of the Z690.

Intel Core i5-12600 Specifications

i5-12600 CPU-Z Preliminary

The new information not only includes the different models that Pat Gelsinger’s company will put on sale in January, but also information about the i5-12600 and with this the information about this CPU is confirmed, the most important being the fact that we are facing a Alder Lake-S «H0».

What does this mean? Simple, it is a variant of the Intel Core 12 that although it is compatible with the same socket as the rest of the range, LGA1700, it is a smaller chip that lacks the E-Cores inside. However, despite the lack of E-Cores, the AVX-512 instructions are absent.

The second of the details that is confirmed is its energy consumption of 65W in PL1 mode, instead of the 125W of the models that are currently on the market.

Regarding its clock speeds, the information obtained from CPU-Z does not give us information on the base clock speed, since it is operating at a very low voltage 0.391V and, therefore, its speed is only 698, 29 MHz in the benchmark. So it seems that the Boost speed would be 4,788.48 MHz, if we take into account the multiplier and the 99.76 MHz base.

The i5-12600 is a CPU composed of 6 cores P-Core with the ability to execute 12 threads of execution, with 48 KB and 32 KB cache data and first-level instructions per core, 1.25MB L2 cache also in each nucleus and 18MB L3 cache shared and acting as LLC of the processor.

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