These devices are bad company for your PLCs and you should avoid them

One of the options we have available to improve the Internet connection at home is to use PLC devices. However, it is key that you use them correctly. If you make mistakes when locating them, you will have problems and your connection will not improve much. Therefore, in this article we are going to talk about which devices you should avoid placing near your Wi-Fi PLCs. They can cause problems and that will affect the speed of the connection, the stability or could even block the devices you connect.

The goal should always be to use this type of device correctly, since they are key to good connectivity. It doesn’t matter if you have high-speed, older, or three-unit Wi-Fi PLCs; You can always have problems if you do not place them in the appropriate place for it.

What you should stay away from PLCs

Logically, the closer you have these devices that we are going to show, the more problems you could have. Therefore, our advice is to keep them as far away as possible. The best way to locate Wi-Fi PLCs is to place them in an area isolated from possible sources of interference and problems that may exist.

Power strips

The first thing is the power strips. It is not a good idea to place your Wi-Fi PLCs connected to a power strip. This will make the connection not as stable. Ultimately, PLCs operate through electrical wiring. If you put an intermediary, such as the power strip, it will cause more noise and, therefore, the signal will not be as direct.

It is important that don’t use power strips, nor similar plugs. We are not only talking about whether or not to plug PLCs into a power strip, but it is also not a good idea to have them right next to it, in another socket. The less noise there is around, the better. Therefore, whenever possible, it is a good idea to plug them into a more insulated outlet.

Bluetooth devices

Bluetooth devices are a classic in terms of interference on Wi-Fi connections. When using the 2.4 GHz frequency, they can generate interference and that will cause the signal to weaken, not be as stable or, in the most extreme case, prevent you from connecting devices to the network.

Therefore, avoid placing devices such as Bluetooth headphones, speakers, controls or any other device that uses this technology nearby. It will affect any equipment you use over Wi-Fi, so Wi-Fi PLC devices are not an exception.

Other electrical appliances

Any electrical device that you have near Wi-Fi PLCs, they can create interference and affect the Internet signal. This happens if, for example, you put them near the television. Be careful with plugging things into sockets that are very close, since that, as with power strips, is a mistake.

The ideal, once again, is that you put your PLCs in places away from possible interference, such as any electrical device. It is key to allow the Internet signal to travel correctly from one place to another in the home and that there is no interference.

As you can see, to improve the speed of Wi-Fi PLCs it is essential to locate it well. It is essential that you remove possible interference, such as other devices that you should not place nearby. The goal is to make the connection work as well as possible, without any problems.

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