These Samsung Smart TVs are on sale for 600 euros

65-inch Smart TV for less than 600 euros

It could not be clearer. A 65-inch Smart TV for less than 600 euros is an offer that we can hardly refuse, and if we are talking about a 2020 Samsung model, things get even more interesting. The model in question is the 65TU7095, a screen belonging to the brand’s 7 series that draws attention for having a slim design and all kinds of features.

Samsung TU7095 offer

We can find, for example, an operating system based on Tyzen that will offer us access to all kinds of streaming services, in addition to having intelligent functions such as the possibility of controlling devices within our home automation configuration that we have at home. The panel offers 4K resolution, HDR 10+ and interesting functions such as Tapview, which will bring the image of your phone to the TV just by bringing both devices closer together.

This has not been the best price that this model has had, since during Prime Day it managed to go down to 550 euros, however, we believe that for 599 euros it is still a great opportunity to get a great TV at a fantastic price. And it is because of that size and with such current technology (we repeat that it is a 2020 model), we are possibly facing one of the best options to acquire right now on the market.

A 55-inch QLED for 650 euros

Samsung Q60T offer

On the other hand, we have the 55Q64T, a 2020 model with a QLED panel and 4K resolution that promises very vivid colors and spectacular contrast where black backgrounds and highlights take on a life of their own. It is a more advanced model that will offer an image quality than the previous model, hence its price is higher even in a smaller size of inches.

Samsung Q60T offer

Anyway, this offer leaves you a 41% discount regarding its official price, being able to get it for 649.99 euros, which is a fantastic price when you consider its performance. We must also bear in mind that we are facing a model that has a very tight bezel design that will allow us to enjoy the image in a more spectacular way. It also has a sound positioning technology that will analyze the image to reproduce the sound exactly where we would expect it to appear in the image.

In case you want a larger model, you also have the 65-inch version available with a 38% discount, standing at no less than 799 euros. A 65-inch QLED model for less than 800 euros? There is no doubt that it will be quite difficult to resist these summer offers.

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