They arrested the woman who threw boiling soup in the face of an employee of a Mexican restaurant in the US

The scene “heated” the spirits in social networks and now he will leave her behind bars.

A Texas woman who was captured in a shocking video throwing boiling soup at a manager of a Mexican restaurant, was arrested last Wednesday by the police. Amanda Martinez 31-year-old is charged with assault after the dissemination of the images recorded on November 7.

As can be seen in the viral video, the furious customer tried to burn the restaurant employee “Sol de Jalisco” in the Texas city of Temple.

“We will not overlap with this type of behavior and we expect the best of our citizens,” Temple Police Chief Allen Teston told a local television station. “If a citizen considers that he received a bad service, we ask them to remain civic until the problem is resolved,” he said.

Police reports detail that Martinez picked up his order at the Mexican food store, but it was boiling, so he returned and complained that it was so hot that it melted the plastic covering the jar. The manager Jannelle broland He apologized to the customer and offered her money back or another menu selection, but nothing contained the consumer’s anger.

Martinez demanded to speak to another manager and eventually exploded and threw the hot soup in Broland’s face, fleeing the premises.

“The first thing I thought, was ‘what happened?'”, Explained the affected to TMZ. “‘Why is this happening?'” I realized that I couldn’t open my eyes and that she had really thrown the soup in my face. “

Martinez was booked into the Bell County Jail and banned from the restaurant for life.

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