This campaign raises money for those cheated by El Timador de Tinder

If you have already seen the fashion documentary on Netflix, The Tinder scammer, you will have been surprised with the story. If not, we recommend it and now another news has emerged about it. The affected women who appear in the story have mounted a campaign in Gofund me, who tries to raise money to compensate, at least in part, for the damage they suffered at the hands of the scammer. We tell you the details, because, how could it be otherwise, it has a small twist that seems like a continuation of the documentary.

Every two times three, Netflix releases a documentary that we spend a few weeks talking about. Now it’s the turn of The Tinder scammerwhich tells the curious story of some women seduced by someone who was not who he claimed to be. As if in one apps of dating there would be someone who is.

What is the story of The Tinder scammer about?

In case you haven’t seen the documentary yet, we tell you the main plot, which seems more like a movie.

Simon Leviev is, at least from the outside, a winner, the son of billionaires and heir to a jewelery empire. He thus shows his life on Tinder, with luxury cars, private planes and all the paraphernalia of this type.

With that hook, women who agreed to have a date with him marveled that everything was attention and luxury. But after those first moments, things changed.

With the typical excuses of a Nigerian prince, he would deceive them by saying that, for example, his cards had been blocked or his life was at risk, due to his important position. Thus, He convinced them to ask for loans and to give him a lot of moneywhich promised to return, of course, but it was never like that.

That is the premise and we are not going to say much more, since we recommend that you watch the documentary (it is just under 2 hours). Although it may seem unoriginal, the truth is that it is well done and fascinating.

And now, those affected are trying to recover economically.

The crowdfunding campaign of those affected by El Timador de Tinder

To try to alleviate the economic damage, and in line with the success of the documentary, three of those affected by Leviev, who appear in the filmhave created a campaign in gofundmea platform of crowdfunding to finance practically anything.

Cecilie Fjellhøy, Pernilla Sjöholm and Ayleen Charlotte are the three women who now accept donations to alleviate the damage caused by the event.

As they themselves write on the page, after much consideration, and in view of the support received by people (and questions about how to help), they have opened the page to receive donations.

Be careful, because there are similar fake pages

Of course, you are motivated to participate, the official and correct page is this.

Why do we clear it? Basically, because, as if it were a bad sequel to the documentary, there are similar pages of scammers posing as them and trying to collect funds from those who have been moved by the story.

Because there are some who, when they see these stories, think it’s horrible. But for others the light bulb turns on.

Reality surpassing fiction once again, or in this case, reality itself.

So you know, if you have something loose and you feel moved to help, you can do it. They themselves recognize on the page that there are thousands of causes worthy of support, but, if you do it to theirs, they will be “eternally grateful”.

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