This CEO Brags About Replacing 90% Of His Employees With AI, He Gets Fired On The Web

An Indian CEO has bragged on Twitter about laying off a large chunk of his employees to replace them with AI. It took him very badly.

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The benefits brought by AI are enormous. Millions of Internet users realize this a little more every day since OpenAI unveiled ChatGPT, a chatbot that has quickly become the essential assistant for millions of workers. Unfortunately, this real technological and societal revolution will also do damage to employment. The Californian startup was not hiding it, it which, after having democratized Artificial Intelligence with ChatGPT, had published a list of 34 professions that would not be affected by the AI ​​tsunami.

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A Bangalorean business leader illustrated this prophecy perfectly. He took to Twitter and posted a message with inflammatory consequences: “We had to lay off 90% of our support team because of this AI chatbot. It’s hard ? Yes. Necessary ? Absolutely “. He justifies this measure by necessary search for profitability in this difficult economic context. In a country where the customer service industry weighs very heavy, Suumit Shah, the leader of the said company, should have suspected that this announcement was going to arouse virulent reactions. He was quick to see the extent of the damage on the Internet.

This CEO Brags About Replacing Employees With AI, Social Media Blows Him Down In Flames

Indian social networks thus resounded with messages such as a “dismissal is never a pleasant experience, why is it necessary to proclaim it and be proud of it? », or even “He talks about firing people with the same joy as a child after having received a double scoop of ice cream”. More than the decision itself therefore, it is Mr. Shah’s indelicacy that irritates netizens.

Because from an economic point of view, the CEO’s decision makes sense: he affirms that the costs associated with customer support from Dukaan, a service that wants to compete with the giant Amazon by allowing you to “launch your own e-commerce site in 30 seconds “, have been reduced by 85% thanks to the adoption of AI.

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