God of War Ragnarok release date is no coincidence

Ragnarok is coming, and it’s no coincidence

God of War Ragnarok is going to give us a theoretical (and practical) class of Norse mythology that you already wish you had had in your school days. But beyond giving us slaps with Thorone of the events that the game will star will be exactly what gives it its name: the arrival of Ragnarok.

According to Norse mythology, the wolves Skoll and Hati hunt the Sun and the Moon to make them disappear, and see how special life is, that just tonight we will live one of those events. And it is that Today, November 8, there will be a lunar event that will cause the Moon to appear reddish due to the Earth interposing itself between the Sun and the Moon, and end up disappearing for a few minutes from our view.

Being a complete eclipse, we will see what is called a Blood Moon, since the dispersion of sunlight will cause the rays to tint it reddish at first sight, a color that is precisely what causes the twist of the story. in the game.

This is obviously just what happens in the events of God of War, but in its own way, since as we could see in the launch trailer, it will be the wolves that finish off the Moon, leaving a reddish sky and starting to the expected Ragnarok.

In Spain we miss it

Unfortunately, the times in which the passage of the Earth between the Sun and the Moon will coincide will not coincide with the night in Spain, so here we will miss it in all its splendor. The same will not happen in America and the Pacific area, where they will be able to see it at dawn (anyone would say that it is a marketing action by the PlayStation division in the United States), thus living live what would be the most similar representation of the arrival of Ragnarok.

Has it been intentional?

God of War

You will not be able to deny that the play is not perfect. The question is, did they choose the date of the eclipse to coincide with the entire narrative of the game? All this comes thanks to a tweet published by the user ManuDollwho discovered the coincidence of the eclipse and decided to share it on Twitter.

Twitter user image



Hey @SonySantaMonica and @PlayStation – can you confirm this for me? #GodofWarRagnarok

November 05, 2022 • 06:21

Obviously the Tweet went viral, to the point that Cory Barlog himself has responded to it. Her response from him? A simple gif of Ryan Reynolds that allows total freedom of interpretation, but that encourages us to think that everything was indeed perfectly studied. What do you think?

god of war ragnarok goes on sale on November 9 for 79.99 eurosalthough you can buy it on Amazon for 69.99 euros thanks to this offer.

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