This incredible collection of arcade machines is now up for auction

California Pinball Museum closes

We are tired of to write that the pandemic has been one of the biggest blows in the economy of the entire planet. On a large scale it has been an almost unprecedented shock, while at the small business level, we have seen how many establishments have been unfortunately forced to close.

The Banning Pinball Museum, in California -image of the interior below these lines-, has not been an exception. This center, which brings together the largest collection of arcade machines in the world, has suffered in its accounts the fall of visitors and, unfortunately, has decided to close its doors permanently.

But of course, before giving a final shelving, it has to relocate the 1,300 arcade machines that it has under its power, something that it has already begun to do through two large auctions organized for this same month of September.

The great arcade machine auction

The auction house Captain’s Auction Warehouse is in charge of managing this large auction that has been divided into two phases: a first, which took place just a few days ago (from September 10 to 12) and in which 767 lots have already been sold, and a second, which It will be held from September 24 to 26.

Both “waves” of machine batches are auctioned both in person and on-line, so that any interested person, wherever they are, can access and bid on the lot they want.

Arcade Machine - California Museum

Moonbeam Arcade Channel Video Screenshot

Each machine is registered on the auction house’s website, with photos of the device (so you can see its status) and information related to the model (year of manufacture, number of players accepted and how many units are there in the world).

The prices start from 0 dollars and as bids are made, the cost of the machine goes up – as in any self-respecting bet, of course – until reaching very varied figures. Some arcades have sold for about $ 2,000 on average while others have even reached $ 8,000, to name just two examples.

Auction lots - Arcade Machines

As we said, perhaps you do not have in your plans to spend those amounts now in a pinball machine but you will surely enjoy yourself like a dwarf taking a look at the collection. That is why in addition to giving you access to the auction website, where you can see each machine one by one thanks to a good number of photos – you have it below, in source -, we leave you below with a video from a youtuber who visited the museum a couple of years ago and documented it in great detail (the recording lasts an hour, no more, no less).

Get comfortable and click on the play.

Note: the cover image has been extracted from the video you have on these lines, belonging to the channel Moonbeam Arcade from YouTube.

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