This is how a smart plug helps you take care of your home appliances

One of the positive points of smart plugs is that they are cheap. You can find them for less than €10 and they have a wide range of options. Of course, we always recommend that you buy one with guarantees, that will really serve you for your day to day and is not a device that you end up throwing away.

restart devices

The first example of how a smart plug can help take care of certain devices is schedule reboots. We can name the router, a Wi-Fi repeater and similar devices. Yes, they are devices designed to be always on, but in certain cases it could become saturated and that will be a problem.

A smart plug will allow you to program when we are going to restart them. We will be able to have greater control and take better care of them. We can choose the best time, such as one day a week at night in the case of the router.

Avoid error with the router

Prevent them from being always on

Maybe you have some appliances that you only want to be on at certain times. You may even forget to turn them off or it may not be easy to disconnect something completely (for example, if you have the television plugged in behind a piece of furniture). A smart plug or a WiFi power strip can be very useful.

On the one hand, you can create a schedule. You can configure the socket so that it allows current to pass and, in this way, an appliance to turn on, at certain times. You could also, through your mobile, turn off something without having to unplug the plug. You will have the opportunity to have this control from anywhere. This Stand By, beyond consuming electricity, will cause the device to deteriorate little by little more than if it were turned off.

control consumption

Yes, with a smart plug you will be able to control how much an appliance consumes. But how does this help care for an appliance? By comparing consumption, you can try different modes and find the one that best suits what you need, while consuming less electricity.

You will be able to use a less powerful mode, so the useful life of that appliance could increase. It is not the same to have the air conditioning always at maximum power, for example, than to have it in a softer mode, with lower consumption. The materials will suffer less.

Adjust charging time

Surely you have ever heard that it is not good to leave your mobile charging all night. It does not mean that by doing it one day it will be damaged, but the fact of doing it many times can be a problem. Little by little, the battery life it will decrease. After all, you are going to be receiving power constantly.

This is the same with many other devices. We can name as an example an electric scooter, a computer or anything that uses a battery. You will be able to program a smart plug to allow the passage of electricity for the necessary time. You can calculate the time it will take to load something, to later disconnect it, even if you are sleeping.

Ultimately, as you see a smart plug can help protect your appliances and home appliances. You will be able to avoid further deterioration, while also saving electricity and gaining comfort. You can always see the devices connected to the Wi-Fi and determine whether or not the plug is connected well.

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