5 things that consume electricity without you knowing it, avoid phantom consumption

Phantom consumption without realizing it

This is known as phantom consumption. Basically it is when a device connected to the current is consuming electricity but we are not aware of it. Sometimes it is very little, but the sum of many things means that after a year we spend a significant amount. In fact, it is estimated that between 7 and 10% of the total is phantom consumption.

TV on standby

One of the devices that spend the most even without being fully turned on is the television. It is common for us to have it on Stand By. That means he’s going to stay red LED on and simply by pressing any button on the remote it will turn on. Modern televisions have been like this for many years.

The problem is that this is going to be consuming electricity. Think that television on Stand By is going to be like this all year. Even if you only see it 2 hours a day, it will be 22 hours more with the LED on and spending electricity.

connected chargers

There is also the case of chargers. Although they do not consume as much as a television on Stand By, they will spend electricity. Also, you may have a lot of chargers plugged into power. Think, for example, of a mobile phone, a laptop charger, a toothbrush charger, a tablet… In short, any charger.

Simply the fact of being connected to the current is going to cause it to consume resources. If we add up all the chargers we have at home, after a year we have been able to consume quite a bit.

power strips

Another case is that of the rules. Surely you have one at home connected and you have the illuminated power button. Although they are very useful to be able to connect several devices and not run out of plugs, you also have to take into account that having it on all day will be consuming without us noticing.

The ideal way to prevent this from happening is to turn it off completely when we don’t need it or even disconnect it from the power so that the phantom consumption is 0. It is another expense that can affect your rate without realizing it.

microwave not working

We use the microwave as an example, but it is something that can also happen with an awakened clock or any other appliance. Even if we are not using it, as long as it is connected to electricity it can be consuming without us realizing it. For example if they have a clock on or any light.

There are many appliances that can consume part of the bill even if we do not use them. Therefore, once again it is convenient to have control over everything that we have connected to the current.

smart bulbs

Although the Wi-Fi smart bulbs They are very interesting devices and they are becoming more and more available in homes, the truth is that they will also be consuming electricity without us realizing it. It is one more device that will be connected to the Wi-Fi network, so even without being turned on they will consume.

It is not about excessive consumption, but if you have the whole house full of smart bulbs, the sum of all of them can be an important figure. However, you can also use them well to spend less electricity compared to traditional light bulbs.

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