This is how the Windows 11 2022 update continues to improve

There shouldn’t be much left for the release of the Windows 11 2022 update. Although, truth be told, Microsoft has not yet confirmed the release date of its OS. Several weeks have passed since the company considered the update complete and released its RTM to start working on the 2022 update. However, there are still some loose ends to tie up before taking this version out of the market. insider channel. And, with the new updates released just today, we are one step closer to seeing this new version on our PC.

As in the past, Microsoft has released two different versions of this update. On one hand, we have the build 22621.436which disables the news by default to users, while on the other we have the build 22622.436, which does activate the novelties by default. In case of having finished in the first group (no news) we can manually search for updates in Windows Update and download the second update to activate them.

Windows 11 Build 22622.436

Explained the two updates, let’s see what we can find in each of them.

What’s new in build 22622.436

Since the Windows 11 2022 Update is already in its final stages, we are not going to find many changes or very big news. We all already know the changes that the new version of Windows 11 will bring.

What we are going to find, for example, are some sharing improvements. In addition to the possibility of sending to our contacts, or sharing from an app, from this version we will be able to use Nearby Sharing to detect nearby computers or devices (thanks to Bluetooth) and share files with them.

New W11 build 22622.436

In addition, as we can see, at the bottom we see the possibility of share the file with OneDrive. Thanks to this function we will be able to upload files directly to the Microsoft cloud to save them without having to save them on the PC and then upload them manually.

Other changes we found are:

  • Windows Terminal is updated to version 1.15 and will always be used by default.
  • We can report inappropriate animated gifs from the emoji panel (Win + .).

Fixed bugs in Windows 11

In addition to the previous news, Microsoft has taken the opportunity to correct a good number of errors that have been detected in its previous versions. The version with the new features, that is, build 22622.436, has received a portion of fixes exclusive to it. For example, several bugs related to browser tabs have been fixed, a feature has been added that allows checking the “Show all folders” box to remove separations from the navigation pane, and other bugs that could cause crashes or crashes when performing certain actions. A bug in the start menu has also been fixed.

And, on the other hand, the two updates (both new and not) have also received several common fixes. For example, problems opening system applications and tools have been fixed, an error that blocked explorer.exe, a bug that could leave us without Internet, and the error 0x800f081f when installing updates.

Finally, indicate that from the 20th to the 25th of this month, Microsoft is going to open a Bug Bash to detect the greatest number of bugs and errors in Windows 11 and solve them as soon as possible to provide the most stable and light experience possible.

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